Is Atheism considered a "religion"? If the worship of a deity is, then in turn, shouldn't the rejection of such a deity also be considered as such? And if so, what exactly are the tenets? 

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Swearing is therapeutic.  Swearing improves pain.  It feels good.  It pisses off self righteous ninnies. 

This self righteous ninny, otherwise known as an old school marm,  is beginning to become desensitized! 

Plus, you are correct, it does feel good to crank out an expletive or two, especially when writing and talking about religion and politics. When I do, the feeling of Grandma Denoo sitting on my shoulder with her stern Puritan ethic echos through my head.

I would put a smiley face here if I could remember how to do it. 

: - )

Outstanding! You have a beautiful vocabulary. And your thoughts need to be expressed and read by others. We benefit by your wise and sometimes funny expressions. I wish I had your talents!!!!

Joan, thank-you.  Coming from you that's quite a compliment.  YOU are the one who writes so beautifully.  I suspect I am just better at swearing! LOL

As a member in good standing of both groups, I protest!

Fantastic definition booklover. Thank you!

You're welcome Kimberly! :)

No atheism is not a religion but many Christians try to use this argument try to shore up their own doubts they have about their religion.  First what do you mean by religion?  Religion usually is characterized by belief in a supernatural being that controls everything.  Atheist do not believe in or worship supernatural beings.  I think a more important question for Christians is which of the 40 thousand Christian denominations in the world is the true Christianity since many of them disagree vehemently on scripture and accuse each other of being heretics. 

No, not seeing any evidence of god or gods is not a religion. That is all atheism is, nothing more, nothing less. 

I experienced leaving christianity relatively easy. The totems of Native American cultures fit easily into my world-view because the plants and animals have personalities and messages for me. "Don't touch me, I have spines! or toxins." "Stay away because I bite!" Stuff like that. Too much or too little water, sun, shade, heat, cold, or food makes them healthy or sick. Observing consequences with plants and animals makes an interaction between us more meaningful than some dogma out of a book or from a lectern.  

For me, and this is a personal thing, atheism is being open to everything, including things that I cannot see with a telescope or microscope. What I do has consequences for good or ill. I am conscious of being part of something far greater than myself, that I am not the center of the universe, and I share many common attributes with other living things. When I die I return to atoms, and nothing remains of me except memories others have of me. I am part of evolutionary forces, just like you. 

I do not believe in an a-theistic orthodoxy. I do, however, believe Revolver is a great album.

"Atheism is just what is left when people stop making shit up."

Mindy, this is beautiful! Best answer yet. Can I use this phrase?

Ha ha of course Dennis! :)


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