If you can't do certain aspects of a job, because of your religion, should you have the job?  Selling alchohol specifically.  If you will sale anything else but have to call a manager to ring alcoholic beverages should you work at that job or should you not?

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If you won't do ALL of your job because of your nutball beliefs, then get a different fricking job.


What Melinda said!!!!

Amen!! ("Hear, hear!") Many jobs require serving the public -- all of the public, not just those who share your beliefs.

My religion says I get to take a nap in the afternoon.  It's the religion of Curmudgeonism.

It also says I get to mumble vaguely offensive things under my breath and when people say "what"? I can say "nothin.  I didn't say nothin."

I'm with you Daniel! Curmudgeonism is a great fit for me too!

Patricia, there should be Curmudgeonist holidays.  Celebration would involve staying at at home and avoiding people.   I don't know what time of year.  One Curmudgeonist holiday should be on Dec 25th, since nothing of interest happened then.  It could be called "no mas".

The holy alter of Curmudgeonism is the recliner chair.

With spouse, fireplace, music, a book, pets, & wine.....for all the solstices, as well as any other holiday invented.

Sounds good to me.

Me too!  I am a curmudgeon!  I would be willing to be here on the site with you guys though on the Curmudgeon holiday!  I like all of you so much, and it doesn't make me crabby! :)

Surprise! So that's why I skip all birthdays and celebrations! I'm a curmudgeonist! The one thing I miss is the recliner chair....

I agree!

lol Dennis!  :)


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