Has anyone here become more against religion over time? Before religion didn't really bother me, but whenever I see something religious now it pisses me off. If I found a bible, cross or some other religious figure I would probably end up burning it.

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We usually agree on everything Sentient! :) 

What I find scary is the threat of a nuclear war (WW3) breaking out in the Middle East. If this great war breaks out, it originated from religious hostility between Iran and Israel, which have been enemies since 1979 thanks to bastard Ruhollah Khomeini of Iran. He declared Israel an enemy of Islam but before he became leader of the 1979 Iranian Revoluton the two countries had close ties. Retarded isn't it? Make Isreal an enemy so the Middle East is more unstable. Iran does no good to the world besides making people laugh at the dirty camel monkeys.

Who put Ruhollah Khomeini in Iran?

Thank America's CIA. Thank President Eisenhower (who in 1953 reversed President Truman's decision and told the CIA to go ahead and overthrow an elected government in Iran). Thank Great Britain's Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (for wanting Iranian oil but not wanting to pay Iran a reasonable royalty, and for treating its Iranian workers like serfs). Thank the American Dulles brothers and especially Kermit Roosevelt. And of course, thank American taxpayers who paid for the overthrow, training the tyrant's secret police, and more.

After about twenty years of that tyranny, the Iranian people overthrew the tyrant the CIA had installed. Khomeini returned from Paris and formed the religious government we know.

For more info, search Wikipedia for key words like CIA in Iran, 1953 overthrow in Iran, etc.

Thank the US of A for Khomeini.

It's no stretch to see 9/11 as payback for America's Middle East foreign policy.

Oh, religion irritates me a whole lot.

Dustin, my father was in the military (59th Ord. brigade).  His job was to guard weapons of mass destruction.  People have the misconception that nukes are the ultimate endgame.  It is not!!!  I asked my father what is worse, nukes or biological and without blinking he said biological!!  If there is an all out attack on the U.S. (biological)  85% is dead outright.  The weapon has a second component that is 95% lethal!  This technology has been around since the 70's.  Can you imagine the technology today?  Throw radical ahols (pick any religion) into the mix and this is what scares the s**t out of me!!!!

I never said nukes are the ultimate end game. Nuclear weapons are still deadly either way.

Absolutely!  I watched Leon Panettas' farewell speech that was about threats to national security.  Check it out if you have time.  You won't be disappointed!!!  Scary S**T!

Read my discussion on Prejudice me? and let me know what you think.

I  guess some would call it "anti-religious talk" and I suppose there are a lot of negative descriptors. However if I describe events as accurately and concretely as I can muster and my rationale for my descriptions, that is not anti-religion, it is speaking of the world as I see it. I don't think anything anyone has written on this site has written any untruths. IMHO. If I write an untruth, I expect to be challenged and appreciate the reminder that I may have gone over the line. 
I especially want confrontations when I handle religion in ways that Ruth calls "poo", fecal matter, a virus, a meme that passes along religious themes. Relying on my old teaching days, I will give anyone a sticker for catching me in such an error. 

I was raised without religion, and it really didn't bother me when I was young.  Now that I'm 45 it pisses me the hell off.  My social-life has suffered greatly, but frankly my dear, I don't give a damn... lol

Do you feel that you were trained how to cope with the world that is mostly religous?  Since you were raised without religion and I was raised with it I am wondering if we may feel the same despite the difference.  I feel very unskilled in someways on how to cope and make the best of a stinky situation:)


I think I was, and still am flabbergasted by what people believe.  I used to just not talk about it with them, but now, in the right circumstances, I say what I think!  It has cost me some friendships, but I'm okay with that now.  I won't purposely make friends now with religious people or right-wingers, because I know where that is going to lead.  I'm friendly, but I don't try and make it be a true friendship.

Same here!


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