I have not been on Atheist Nexus much lately but I have had this list for at least four years and wanted to share it. Here are 55 reasons why religion is bad:

1: Religion was created to control
2: Religion is a lie
3: Religion is condescending
4: Religion is viral
5: Religion is outdated
6: Religion is riddled with moral inconsistencies
7: Religion justifies racism
8: Religion justifies discrimination
9: Religion justifies sexism
10: Religion justifies intolerance
11: Religion justifies slavery
12: Religion justifies child abuse
13: Religion justifies rape
14: Religion justifies murder
15: Religion devalues reason
16: Religion devalues truth
17: Religion devalues humanity
18: Religion uses circular logic
19: Religion contradicts scientifically proven facts
20: Religion restricts free thought
21: Religion restricts freedom of choice
22: Religion restricts scientific progress
23: Religion restricts medical progress
24: Religion restricts social progress
25: Religion represses sexuality
26: Religion restricts sexual freedom
27: Religion restricts safe sex
28: Religion restricts contraceptive use
29: Religion restricts woman's rights
30: Religion promotes non-consensual genital mutilation
31: Religion encourages complacency
32: Religion encourages false information
33: Religion encourages ignorance
34: Religion teaches to be submissive
35: Religion teaches behaviour through authority by means of reward and punishment
36: Religion steals time
37: Religion steals money
38: Religion steals energy
39: Religion steals resources
40: Religion steals knowledge
41: Religion steals lives
42: Religion defines human nature
43: Religion creates psychological problems
44: Religion creates resent
45: Religion creates shame
46: Religion creates guilt
47: Religion creates fear
48: Religion creates stress
49: Religion creates irreconcilable divisions
50: Religion creates violence
51: Religion creates terrorism
52: Religion creates wars
53: Religion destroys relationships
54: Religion destroys families
55: Religion destroys communities

Over the years I have been disliking religion more and more, especially religious people because they are supporters of what is basically crime against humanity. One of these days I will put something on a church to criticize their nonsense.

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But they won't simply die off, they are illogical, and because of that, they feel as it their 'logic' must be imposed upon us. Therenfore, we must inform them of where their 'logic' is flawed, why they should consider our logic, and at the very least, convince them that we shouldn't have to follow their 'logic' and life style. But insulting them will get us nowhere.

I agree that religion is basically a cancer to free society. But to simply assume it will die without any active fighting it is foolishness. And every theist that an atheist converts in one more to convert other theists. So it is in one's best interest - in the pursuit of freedom and a healthy society - to help others who have been blinded by indoctrination, propaganda, and beliefs that were created out of fear, joy, and the desire to control others.

Religion is screwed up, top to bottom, left to right, I'm not arguing it is not. It promotes slavery, rape, murder, and many other vile, senseless acts. But if we are to pursue a truly free society, we must fight to - without intervention of the law, that would be hypocrisy - free others from religion. 

But telling them that they're idiots is not the way to go about it - or, at least, it's not the way to begin. We must approach them as if they are are intellectual equal, for they see themselves as intellectually superior. I'm not saying be politically correct here, or to lie to them about their religion. Sure! Tell them that their religion caused crusades, that is diminishes women's rights, that is is an enabler for vile misuse of authority. But just throwing it at them and saying: "Here you are, cretins!" is not the best way to go about it. 

You may very well be correct in your assessment. I have been wrong before and some say to slow down, don't be in such a hurry. Say that to a black person or an native of any colonized country, or any slave, or the generations upon generations of women perishing under cruel prejudices. 

Perhaps your way is the wiser way to go. Are you a minority of any dimension? Have you come from some background of ancestral pain? Have you looked into the generations of your background and found privilege or domination? Are you white? male? heterosexual? 

Would you be saying the same things if you were none of these that carry some privilege in their status?

I believe it is in the character of Atheism to be more open, more disciplined, more skeptical, more constructive and more creative than other world views. One of the things I most dislike about religion is their sanctimonious finger wagging. You might say at the top of my list of things I find wrong with religion is how they spend more time finding fault with competing visions rather than improving and enjoying their own. They are more destructive than constructive. To have Atheism indulge in this type of behaviour debases it.

Atheism is a way for individuals to live authentically.  " There is grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed into a few forms or into one; and that whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed laws of gravity, from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved." There should be a contentment in having achieved living authentically. I don't sense any anger or sanctimony in Darwin. Atheism leads to a place well beyond that.


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