Atheism does not state that there is no god/s; it states one does not have verifiable, reliable, replicable evidence that there is/are god/s. There is no litany or dogma or scripture that one must conform to if one claims to be a non-believer. However, many non-believers make statements about what they like and value about non-belief in god/s. I copied the list of "Reasons why religion is bad" and changed the words and meaning to "Reasons non-belief in god/s can be healthy". Here it is. Feel free to change, add, delete whatever feels right for you. Thanks to Dustin Roy's discussion "Reasons why religion is bad." I do not claim all non-believers think and act this way, only that these statements fit the responses I read from other non-believers and that I share.

Reasons why atheism can be healthy

1: Atheism encourages one to be one's true self.
2: Atheism is truth.
3: Atheism is approachable
4: Atheism is healthy
5: Atheism is contemporary
6: Atheism is morally consistencies
7: Atheism is fair
8: Atheism is just
9: Atheism is inclusive
10: Atheism is impartial
11: Atheism requires freedom
12: Atheism is compassionate
13: Atheism is respectful
14: Atheism values life
15: Atheism values reason
16: Atheism values truth
17: Atheism values humanity
18: Atheism uses evidence; when evidence changes, thinking changes
19: Atheism uses scientifically verifiable, reliable, replicable evidence
20: Atheism encourages free thought
21: Atheism encourages freedom of choice
22: Atheism encourages scientific progress
23: Atheism encourages medical progress
24: Atheism encourages social progress
25: Atheism liberates sexuality
26: Atheism liberates sexual freedom
27: Atheism encourages safe sex
28: Atheism encourages contraceptive use
29: Atheism encourages woman's rights
30: Atheism promotes sexual health
31: Atheism encourages concern
32: Atheism encourages factual information
33: Atheism encourages double blind studies to verify evidence
34: Atheism teaches to be pro-active
35: Atheism teaches reasoning
36: Atheism protects time
37: Atheism protects money
38: Atheism protects energy
39: Atheism protects resources
40: Atheism protects knowledge
41: Atheism protects lives
42: Atheism acknowledges human nature
43: Atheism faces physical, psychological, and emotional problems
44: Atheism creates equinimity
45: Atheism creates respect
46: Atheism creates honor
47: Atheism creates assurance
48: Atheism creates relaxation
49: Atheism creates conflict resolution processes
50: Atheism creates peace
51: Atheism creates confidence
52: Atheism creates problem solving processes
53: Atheism strengthen relationships
54: Atheism strengthen families
55: Atheism strengthen communities
56. Atheism teaches taking responsibility
57. Atheism teaches being dependable
58. Atheism teaches taking care of the Earth as a high value
59. Atheism teaches Homo sapiens is part of a much larger universe
60. Atheism teaches we all exist as valuable participants of a universe.

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Thanks Grinning Cat. I like the jhuber piece, "Learn from History!"

Three evidential, epistemic, atheological arguments emerge.

1. Argument from Nonbelief, which focuses on the fact that there is widespread nonbelief in the given deity. See my essay on that argument, above [i.e., the preceding essay in The Improbability of God -- ed.];

2. Argument from Confusion (to be labeled AC) focuses on the fact that there is widespread confusion among Christians regarding important doctrinal issues, including morality and salvation;

3. Argument from Biblical Defects (ABD) focuses on the fact that there are various defects in the Bible.

Bible passages considered immoral by today's theologians and secularists


I would slightly disagree with you when you say that "Atheism does not state that there is no god/s; it states one does not have verifiable, reliable, replicable evidence that there is/are god/s." This is not atheism but agnosticism. Atheism is quite assertive in saying that no go exists at all.

There are a lot of us asserting "no god exists at all".

Madhukar, I remember you are one of those who challenged me to rethink my agnostic position, and I am grateful you did. 

I still like the old saying, I think it was from Richard Dawkins and likely many others.

"Atheists don't threaten to fly planes into skyscrapers".

Though I think there is a T-Shirt that states "Atheists Don't Fly Planes Into Buildings".  I gotta get one of those.

Though some Xtians are trying to throw that back against us by citing Hitler and Stalin, like that jerkoff John Johnson who got kicked was at. 

Here's such a blog.

Though there's no comments there so far.

I think they really need some educating!


Is this what you had in mind, DD?

That's the one, thanks Loren :-D~


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