I absolutely hate sitting in a public place and ppl around me start talking about what god would do in this situation or keep your faith in jesus and things will get better,i mean i believe in freedom of speech but all i could think of is i wish they took time out and learn what i know about the so called jesus. I mean my disbelief in god are streghtened by reading the bible and everyday that i am here and im proud to be a member of nexus.

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I know what you mean.  I hear that sort of thing often, really too often.  To quote Carl Sagan, it seems sometimes that we are " slipping into darkness and superstition".

I've said this many times, and this is as good as place as any to repeat: belief is EASY, knowledge is HARD.  Take that statement and compound it with the laziness which I see in too many people in this day and age, and you have the current problem in a nutshell.  People take the knowledge which allows 21st century life to work as an automatic, granted, with no need for them to understand it at any level.  Then you get the preacher crowd who offer simplistic explanations for occurrences to sway the gen-pop to their point of view, and with that, to their control.

I would give real money to know just HOW to shake people out of their torpor as it comes to this phenomenon, but as of this writing, I haven't idea one. Anybody?

I try to remember my stint in religion in hopes that having that mindset will help me relate and gain more ground. The few that I've inadvertently converted were more or less riding the line between belief and disbelief. Honest conversations (initiated by them) seemed to work best. Having someone paint a picture of heaven also seemed to help. Asking who gets in, who doesn't and for what reasons forces people to not be so vague about their belief. Most honestly do not know what they believe but rather have a general set of ideas in place. But like I said, those people were already toying with disbelief.

Can't recall who first said it, and I'm paraphrasing here, but religious belief is a lot like a person's sex organs. The individual is very proud of his/hers, and gives that person a lot of pleasure in private or controlled group settings.  But, like a penis or vagina, it becomes a problem when it's exposed in public, or shoved down unwilling participant's throats (especially children's throats).

What you experienced, and we all experience on occasion, is the religious version of a flasher.

LOL!!! I must use this analogy.

I'm 44 and another friend of mine, 44, and another one 51, went out to dinner last weekend and got a little tipsy, which, I'm sure, looked funny since we are 3 Mid-West, middle class, really Mom-looking (meaning NOT stylish, no offense to moms who are!).  I said to my friend "you KNOW I'm an Atheist, right?", and she nodded.  Well I said it a little LOUD. lol.  No one came over and shot me though or argued.  Then I said if there is a 'god' who gave my son type 1 diabetes when he was 10 FOR ANY REASON, then that 'god' is a motherfucker (pardon my language).  Again, I might have been a little loud.  She laughed.  No one around us said a word.  I don't know if they weren't listening, didn't care, agreed with me, were afraid of me, lol, etc. 

I'm obviously drinking with the wrong crowd. I need to get around those rowdy maternal atheists.

LOL, you are welcome to join us anytime!  The one friend who laughed is catholic, and the other one is probably agnostic.  I just don't drink often, and when I do I say what I think.  Loudly. :)


What they know about Jesus or the Bible is what they hear from there minister or priest.  Most have never read the bible.

I was sitting at a coffee shop yesterday and heard a few people discussing how mountains were made. One said that every mountain starts as a grain of sand and over time gradually accumulates more sand until a mountain was formed as God fully intended it to be. I thought about saying something but decided discretion was called for, since i was outnumbered, then another customer turns in his seat and explains plate tectonics and how mountains were really formed, which was what i had in mind. They were dumbfounded and didnt quite know how to reply, while i sat in my seat and laughed merrily. Good times.

This story reminds me of something a woman said on the internet in a forum about not worrying about the earth running out of oil, because the fire in the center of the earth keeps making more.  WHAT??? LOL!!!!

hahaha, sounds like a bad sci-fi novel. It really is appalling how ignorant people can be, and its like a good percentage of the human race who believe in crap like that, kinda makes me wonder whats really going on in their heads.


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