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Prostitutes, Call Girls, Mistress, Courtesans etc

What do you say? Should it be legal? If one legalizes and regulates it then there is less crime involved. I'm talking brothels and cat houses et cetera. If we use Nevada as a basis and area for statistics we find that regulation brings in money to the government and lowers prostitution related crimes. 
I found these essay helpful

I have found that though some plans have been successful in removing prostitution from certain areas it tends to go else were and create the same issues in that place. That is illegal street walkers. 
I can't see a good legal reason to outlaw it. I see religious reasons, and possible moral reasons. 

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Prostitution is semi-legal here,with brothels tolerated in implicitly understood areas.Street walkers are restricted to a few areas.

To be honest. I wasn't all that thrilled having that brothel in the flat across the landing that time.Just two girls and they were just fine.However, some of the customers would get confused and knock on my door at say 3am------ I was obliged to complain to the landlord.

My local brothel closed down a few years ago after the murder-------
Legalize prostitution by all means. If it weren't for prostitutes, I'd probably still be a virgin.
On another social networking site there were two young males fighting about sex, and one was being ridiculed and accused of soliciting prostitutes (who denied it, I believe), whereas apparently the other was asserting he could get sex elsewhere. It was kind of offensive to me...

If the bottom line is sex, isn't it far more honorable to hire someone than to lead on some poor girl?
If the bottom line is sex, isn't it far more honorable to hire someone than to lead on some poor girl?

Excellent point. I would much prefer law enforcement time and money spent on tackling crimes that harm people, than putting the sting on some lonely guy wanting to pay for the erotic company of a prostitute.
Why there is so much fuss around the topic of sex, why people can't be open and straight about it, like the rest of the stuff. Prostitution is just another profession, nothing more.. why even to ask that it should be legal or not.. obviously it should be legal..
We have mothers. :(
Because maybe it shouldn't be. Thats why we talk about it. Its possible that there could be a compelling reason that is based on fact. If we don't talk about it then we'll never know.
With the exception of rape, the act of intercourse does not harm either partner, in fact, it gives pleasure to at least one participant. With proper precautions it has no future repercussions of either pregnancy or disease.
Prostitution has been a fact of civilization and before and recognised that sex has a "monetary" value. Let's quit kidding ourselves that it's going away - it ain't.
Legalize, regulate and tax like any other personal services business and protect the worker and the client as is done in any other interprise.
George Carlin said it best ''Selling is Legal Fucking is legal why isn't selling fucking legal.
Prostitution laws are basically religious laws. Thats why some European nations have done away with them. Not to mention they are another method of oppressing and controlling what females do with their bodies.
If its one thing many religious males cannot stomach its the thought that their Mothers, grandmothers, daughters, and sometimes wives wish to enjoy themselves sexually!! This is just based on my own experience, but they seem to go into a tale spin with the thought, especially if its their daughter. Which never made sense to me. The reaction is similar to a jealous rage. Its your daughter!! If you have taught her well and she is reasonable about "who" she hangs out with, whats the problem????
Iv had someone say to me while watching porn..."Dude that's someones daughter!!" yeah and?? She is performing (and doing it well) if she is happy in her chosen profession whats the problem???
Yea, it's just about cultural norms. I'm watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand (pretty close to soft core porn/snuff). It is amazing to see a culture that apparently had no sexual components to their moral code. For them, sex carried the same moral weight as eating, sleeping and going to the bathroom!


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