**WARNING*** There will be strong language in this post, and I assume any following discussion.

This morning on our local radio station there was an interesting discussion about the usage, intent and impact of swearing.

It was sparked by a satirical TV show, Dirty Laundry Live, using strong language to discuss Charles Saatchi, soon to be ex husband of Nigela Lawson. During the shows opening monologue the host Lawrence Mooney described him as a cunt.

To put it in context the comment was shown live to air although it was scripted. Mooney has stated they did have a strong discussion on whether to use it or not but he contends that it was both justified and effective.

The discussion it sparked was centered around the appropriateness or not of using that language on live to air television.

From a personal perspective I have no problem with the use of the word. Words are just words, some have more impact than others. Its the values you ascribe to that word, and the context they are use that matters.

In this particular instance I think calling the man a cunt was an effective and appropriate usage. Its not wording i would use around my children but again its not a show children should be watching.

The interesting part of the debate and what I was interested in discussing here was the contention that using the word contributed to violence against women. I can't say I agree with that argument.

As I said before words are just words. I'm sure that the word cunt CAN be used to denigrate women, but in the context it was used I don't think it does.

Is calling someone a prick, a cock head or a dick demeaning to men? Sure they aren't words with as much impact but they are all negative words associated with male genitalia.

If I use those words to purposefully denigrate a group then I should be condemned. But is that what has happened here?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.


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[sigh!] Heresy on the peanut butter front!  Will this madness never end?!? [chuckle!]

Apostates! One and all! Skippy showed the way. But Planter's revealed the one, true, smooth and crunchy texture that will lead us to salvation offered by the delectable southern legume. We must marshal our forces, lead a great crusade, and stamp out the heresy, even at the cost of the lives of women and children. 

Think I could get a good paying job at the Vatican?

No, but Smucker's is just south of me, here.  Want me to put in a good word?

Oh Yeah!

I think I almost enjoyed the song more than peanut butter itself, I'm more for nutella.

If god doesn't like peanut butter, what MORE do we need to hear?  I hereby renounce my faith! 

Loren, there goes 1:18 I will never get back. Thanks a lot! I'll use my powers of witchcraft to turn your toenails into feasting grounds for fungus.

Yo, Joan!  :-P~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  [giggle!]

and a giggle back at you. 

Your intention makes no difference to those hurt by your words.  I support freedom of speech while acknowledging that words can be used as weapons - they hurt.  White people who use the "N" word may say it is just a word, or that black people also use it, or that they, "didn't mean anything by it".  How often do we have to hear that?  The reason 'cunt' is a swear is that it is used to insult women.  Its use suggests that women's sexual organs are nasty and bad.  To call a man a cunt is to say that he has the attributes of a woman's sexual parts, and that he is as low as a woman.  You didn't call him a 'chin', or an 'elbow' now did you?  

Swearing is lazy.  It shows a lack of creativity, and a small vocabulary.  When you called this man a cunt, what did that tell me about him?  Nothing at all, except that you don't like him, and that you don't respect women.  The knowledge that your words hurt lots of people should be enough to encourage you to use a dictionary, and call the guy what he is.  Is he selfish, ignorant, or maybe, arrogant?  Say so, just don't be such a knee!

Amen! (and LOL to "don't be such a knee!")

Saying what's wrong with that particular guy is also much more effective than simply declaring "I hate him! * "
* "And I don't mind using misogynistic language that demeans women and disparages their sexual organs."


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