wow culty brainwash much!?
figures the cathlics are posting up there bannerwise...

so lame. such a waste. I thought the economy was hurting!?

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No loving woman would birth a child into this craphole world.
depends on the location/relation to the craphole?
Pro-life only means anti-abortion. Conservatives care about the fetus until it's born, and then they want nothing to do with helping the mother raise it. Pro-choicers are actually pro-life, because they want to reduce the amount of unwanted births that happen in the first place, and focus on the children *already here* that we can't even feed and help mothers with.

Sometimes people are pro-life because they (wrongly) believe that you can give equal importance to the fetus and the woman. In reality that is not possible, and they put the fetus first. Look at the way people talk about "facing the consequences of pregnancy" (why is abortion not a consequence in itself?! it's not a picnic!)--because they really want to punish women for sex.


Nobody likes abortion.  Pro-lifers act like pro-choicers just can't wait to have one or get someone to have one, they're nuts!  I agree totally with Ava and Prog Rock Girl.
They put the fetus first until the fetus is born and then the woman is on her own, because those same people tend to reject funding for places like Planned Parenthood that help mothers.
Exactly Ava.
indeed. how ironic w/the whole vatican stance; i mean, really Cuba (Catholic even though commie with college educated prostitutes) ... ?

condoms. would've saved so much grief in the world it aint' funny no moe!
f minus vati'cant idiots!
you're not the only one that has such knowledge; your ranks are growing btw.

As a father of three wonderful kids I could never be comfortable with abortion on demand. ALL options are better than abortion except where bringing the child to term is likely to seriously harm the mother be that physically or emotionally.


I cant understand how people can willingly terminate a human being's life. I know people will jump up and down at me me shouting a bunch of cells is not life, but I have always found that argument a bit of sophistry.  Assuming that bunch of cells didnt die in utero naturally it is only by the intervention of the abortion that stops it from becoming another Human.


That said I also hate how this becomes a religious/athiest debate. Both camps should get their fucking heads out of it. It is a basic question of whether a human being has the right to live, and the answer is a no-brainer to me.


Now before I get flamed down by people let me make a few points;


* This is not a womens right issue. Yes it affect the mother in more ways generally than the father but it is a human rights issue.


* As in everyother aspect of my life I would never seek to make my views law. If a woman, and hopefully the father of the child, decide to have an abortion then that is their own business and the law should never intervene


*as poster have said before me more needs to be done to prevent the unwanted pregnancy in the first place. Planned parenting education is paramount here as well as cheap and effective contraception.


In my ideal world this whole debate gets shut down and the heat goes out of it. Then we can rationally work towards outcomes that are best for all involved, the mother, the father and most importantly the child.




I personally have had 2 very early term miscarriages.  Both within a few weeks of the first trimester.  I was upset the first time because I wasn't pregnant anymore, but I never felt like I lost a 'baby'.  The second time I already had a child and it bothered me even less.  I am so glad I have the kids that I do have.  I realize miscarrying is not nearly the same as abortion, but for me personally, I never felt like I lost a 'baby'.  Maybe I would have felt differently had I been farther along.  I'll never know.


I don't agree with some of what you believe MB, but everyone has the right to their own opinion.  In the end, only the woman carries the baby for 9 months and it is her decision.  I totally agree that better education and available birth-control are always needed.   Some people take your arguement further and say that using birth-control is preventing life.  I find that ridiculous of course.  There are too many people on the planet as it is.

My wife and I have lost 2 children, one an ectopic pregnancy and the other  just miscarried for no known reason. To us the grief we went through was just as real and really wished people would stop saying that it wast a "real" baby.


Booklover i dont expect people to agree with me on this or any issue. I just hope that they accept that I will gently advocate my beliefs to convince others of my standpoint. That doesnt mean I will ramm it down their throats as the religiouse right want to do, but that I will try to convince some.




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