This has been a recurring thought of mine since I was a child, when I got
kicked out of Sunday school. The priests told my parents I was "possessed"
because I wouldn't stop laughing and cracking jokes. Even at that early
age, the absurdities that were being shovelled down my throat seemed just
that - absurd. But I digress.

The concept of prayer to me has always reeked of what the superstitious refer to as "black magic" - the invocation of supernatural forces to alter some part of reality to suit the wishes of the party or parties doing the praying. A quote from Wikipedia is particularly pertinent -

As a term, "black magic" is normally used to describe a form of ritual that some group or person does not approve of.

Many of the godless here often mention loved ones, friends or associates praying for them. I doubt any one of us would consent to this. As such, I think prayer sits very firmly within the concept of black magic.

Try this argument on the next nutjob that knows what's best for you.

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I'm really offended by this sort of crap and have just let it pass until I read your post. I suddenly had the thought that I could say 'If you pray for me I'll place a curse on you!'

It wouldn't do the cause of atheism any good but the reactions could be worth it. Unless someone died later.
Praying is one of the most popular and oddest rituals that believers do. It demonstrates the arrogance and ego of humans as well as a physical testament to their insane faith in a god.


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