This subject has been discussed many times here, I know. Still, I am amazed by it sometimes.

Last week a friend and coworker of mine was talking about the dramatic recovery of her aunt. She had been suffering for weeks with crippling stomach aches and weakness. She was nearly dead. One of our best doctors correctly diagnosed the ailment as small intestine infection. He put her on some meds and she got 

My friend is a college grad and works as an imaging technologist in a hospital. She is pretty intelligent. Her comment was that her prayer circle had just prayed her aunt back to health, that's the only explanation because she was so far gone. Never mind the doctor. It was the praying. 

Seems like she would give her own organization and team at least some credit. 

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emotionally distressed people should not run the country...

who is emotionally distressed ??

You should send her a link to the Harvard Prayer Experiment also known as the Templeton Experiment.

I love this experiment, thanks for posting I had forgotten who had done it.

Wow. Brain-washing is sickening.  So nice of their 'god' to let the woman have the infection in the first place, so the group could beg their 'god', he could heal her, and then 'he' could have praise.  Sick, sick, sick.

As Roland says, the subject may have been discussed many times, but it's a good one. Just had to vent about something similar.  An elderly relative was in the hospital with diverticulitis.  And GOD, in his goodness, timed it so that her daughter happened to be in town for her hospital stay! (Daughter posted on Facebook:  God's timing is AWESOME!)   Gee... how does god figure this stuff out?  Timing the flare up of those pesky intestinal pouches to coincide with the daughter's visit!  Or was the daughter's visit tweaked to coincide with the crisis?  It must get complicated...
Then there are all the heavenly decisions about whether it might be simpler to just skip the diverticulitis.... but I guess that must be weighed against what "blessings" might come from the family being together, trusting in and praising god, during the hospital stay. 
And the endless automated phone requests from the local Southern Baptist Church that we "be in prayer for...."   Never asked to pray that god gets god's act together and wipes out illness.  Just supposed to "be in prayer for" ...whoever or whatever. 
And the response of everybody to everything from a hangnail to tonsillectomy to death by cancer is "Praying for you!"  Sheeeesh... sometimes I think I will SCREAM.


Go ahead and scream B.K.! I do sometimes and it helps (temporarily!).  Sometimes the idiocy just gets to you and you can't take it anymore!!! ~ Melinda

Melinda I yell at the news and I'm always afraid someone is going to hear me and have me put away! LOL

Me too Tammy!  My family is afraid I'm going to bust a gasket or something! lol

Heh I hear ya! I can't help it, I believe they honestly find the dumbest people possible to make commentary on everything! "That tornado, it sounded just like a train, like they say! Gawd wrapped us in his arms and kept us safe!" Meanwhile a guy trying to get home to protect his children, ends up under a school bus... must not have prayed hard enough!

I facepalm so much over our news that I have palm prints on my forehead... those really aren't wrinkles I swear!

Also 'he' never gives us more than we can handle.  That is why there are NO suicides.  Would any of us give our kids the horrible stuff 'he' supposedly gives us to handle? NO!  We are better parents than their sick bastard of a 'god.'

Why did she go to the doctor then? It's hard to speak against things like this. I've been around plenty of conversations about prayer doing the trick, and none of the other explanations were touched on. Also, ailments pass. It's like having a clogged air filter on a mower that is running bad. You change the filter, and then say then pray that the mower will run better.; and what do you know, it runs better because of prayer.


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