Because this hasn't been done, or looks like getting done, I've done it. Original image link here.

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Ooh, I love Grape Nuts. I've never had the hot version depicted (do they even sell that anymore?), but enjoy the occasional bowl of the cold cereal. I gave some to my son for the first time when he was a teenager, and he said, "What the hell? It's like eating rocks!" I don't think he's a fan.
Cat o' Nine is a wise woman. They aren't even nuts, because grapes don't have nuts. They have seeds.
They don't contain nuts, either. I think that's part of the appeal. It's such a nonsensical name. Sort of like selling pillows under the brand name Foot Concrete.
I wondered why that foot concrete we bought didn't hold up well.
Or as I've heard- "Friends are just enemies who don't have the guts to kill you."
An enemy is a friend who just opened the wardrobe in their bedroom and was surprised to find you there.
Wow. You know, on some sites it's considered bad netiquette to bump up a topic that is more than about 60 days old [or other such measurement]. I'm assuming here that it's preferable to duplicate threads.

Also, it seems as if sometimes topics conglomerate into other topics, when really one topic was meant to be a more specific version of a broader topic, and I think that's valid. I'm also not going to bother re-wording that into something comprehensible, mostly because I'm a bitch.

Yes. I AM just a frightened fawn defending any uncouth topics I have or ever will post. :D
Watch out for Godzilla, Bambi!


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