Because this hasn't been done, or looks like getting done, I've done it. Original image link here.

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this is brilliant.

Everyone who joins this site should have to agree to this before they can become a member.
Awesome. I will attempt to be more diligent about search. Nevertheless, that is the least cut and dried fork in the flow - for example - this post is, on the one hand, a rehash of other posts but, on the other it is also a fresh take and worthy of constant attention.

Let's see if anyone who didn't already get it comments. In fact, if you hadn't thought this through before and Dr. Grogan's handy flow chart has made it clear to you - please acknowledge his helpfulness (and I am not being snarky.) It took me a moment to get it. It is always possible to not have thought something through and, thereby, put enthusiasm ahead of courtesy.
the mods have such limited power, they are as frustrated as us.

If I had to add one thing it'd would be this: use tags, and a RELEVANT TITLE for your blog entry or discussion. "This is funny!!!" or "Did you see this?" just don't cut it.

I realize it has more to do with etiquette than a specific stage in the decision process, but it seems it can't be repeated enough. And it goes hand-in-hand with the "do a site search" advice anyway.
That's a thing of beauty, Professor.
Just don't go accusing me of intentionally giving it the a|n blue/white fade theme. That was the default on my widget. Like I give a fuck about appearance.
OK, I won't.
"Is it just a link, or a short one
one or two line comment?"

Compare with the famous
in the
the bush".

I hope that I'm not the only person to have noticed this.

Unfortunately, the people who need this the most probably can't read maps anyway.
Really starting to think the blogs should just be buried to a group somewhere, discontinued altogether

That would be surrendering to the inane-o-bots.

or subject to panel approval before publication

And that is the unpalatable last resort. My preferred option, which is the same as that which is used at larger and older sites than this, is a combination of moderation that has teeth, yet is capable of both restraint and objective judgment (most of the mods are already exemplary in their approach, but not all); and cultural pressure to promote quality from the user base itself (that's us) - both in leading by example and not being shy tell post abusers that they are being dicks and explaining why. The process of elevating expected minimum standards eventually will become pervasive enough that it does police itself.
Most are propelor head ones, but a good non-tech example is metafilter. It has my favourite ever note displayed for each every new post as it's created -

Note: You read the guidelines, right? Because linking to your own site or a project you worked on in this space will result in a deletion and your account will be banned.

No discussion. No appeal. That's how garbage should get treated. Spell out the rules plainly up front and stress there's no point squealing after the fact.
Mose useful post I've seen in a while. Good stuff grogan :-D


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