not exactly a shocker but interesting nonetheless.  of course it's the Evangelicals who are full of the persecution complex. 

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Have you seen those bumper-stickers ( they are all over our city) that say something about preserving religious freedom, and they have a cross on them?  Like xtians are the ones being persecuted?  Just like old, right-wing, xtian, white men aren't totally in control of our country anymore?  Wow.  They can dish it out, but they sure can't take it.

What the fuck are xtian values anyway?  They aren't in the buybull!  What makes xtians think they can take all the morals and call them their own.  Stupid, stupid fuckheads.

Sorry, I am in a bad mood today, and I especially can't stand these idiots!

no apology necessary, i like this feisty Melinda!

Ha ha Matt :)  Thanks, Hugs to you, Mel.

here's what i think about Christian values:

one of my favorite moments from the reason rally.  

Thanks Matt!  First smile I've had all day!


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