People hate Obamacare. They love the Affordable Care Act.

The Republicans won the "I just don't agree with the whole Obamacare policy thing.  I just don't agree with it" thing.


Plus Obamacare will take away people's guns! 


And...  and... and...  you will be forced to eat collard greens instead of donuts for breakfast!  And...  something!

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Funny stuff. Kind of frustrating too. 

Its kinda funny scary isn't it? Uninformed citizens falling squarely behind the banners of their political tribes.


Right, MB.

Obama put too much energy into selling military action in Syria and too little into selling the ACA.

Your video is laughable but yet typical of most Americans.

Republicans (and others) are against the ACA going into effect mostly because congressmen and senators would then have to buy their insurance out of pocket like everyone else. They would no longer be covered by free Tricare as they were before. My insurance agent told me I was wrong. There was an exception for them, she said. I looked it up on the Internet and the proposed "exception" never went through. Now we are at the real heart of the debate on repealing or slowing down the ACA.

Meanwhile, I get a letter from the Veterans Administration. My VA coverage will not be affected at all, and I do not have to seek other health insurance. I continue to have $15 co-pay for office visits and $8 prescriptions. Put that together with my Medicare and it's almost as good as having Tricare.

Those poor congressmen and senators! Now we know what they are really bitching about and why they are lying to the American people! All this, and most of them are independently wealthy to start with.


I thought they just hated it because they view ACA as a way to oppose Obama.  But that's a good point.

I read that the National Institutes of Health will not be taking new cancer patients for trials, because they had to lay off so much staff.  Pathetic.  Meanwhile, The US Congress continues to pay itself. 

Scary!  But Daniel, don't even joke about collard greens instead of donuts for breakfast. ;)

haha right booklover

Mindy - I heard the Democratic health care caucus just made an exemption on that part.  You can have kale instead of collards.

Kale Donuts? lol

Like jelly donut but stuffed with kale instead of grape jelly. healthy!

Eewww! Lol.  I eat donuts, but I also eat kale. I need to cut-back on the donuts though.  Why does something so bad taste so good dammit!?


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