Limbaugh has millions of loyal listeners and is a powerful voice among grassroots Republicans. - BBC

This is an example of the many euphemisms used to protect groups who might otherwise be reasonably identified as the stupid, bigoted, and superstitious. All mainstream media use them. Any ideas about standing up to the language of PC?  

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"Christian Theocrats" would be more appropriate.

I ran into a few dittoheads who weren't religious, just old, angry, bigoted and mysogynist. Certainly, theocrats make up a hefty part of his base. I can't imagine having a conversation with a Limbaugh fan.

It looks like Limbaugh has support. I'm amazed that this is not Limbaugh's McCarthy Moment. There are a lot of disgusting people in GBA, enough to save his bacon it would seem.

She needs to sue both of these pigs - Gary McCoy and Rush Limbaugh!


The Nerd, ha ha I LOVE your replies! ~Melinda

Thank you! It's so nice to have A/N to bring outrage and enthusiasm to. Without places like this, you can feel like you're in a society in the last stages of a successful alien pod replacement take-over.  

Here, let's fix this.

Limbaugh has millions of loyal listeners and is a powerful voice among grassroots Republicans.

                   ^a legion of ditto heads             ^loudmouth                ^fascist right-wingers

Excellent, you're now in the lead.

I was going to change "Limbaugh" into some kinda' profanity, …but I couldn't think of a dysphemism more profane than "Limbaugh"…

Perfect Richard! :)

Limbaugh (The draft dodging, drug addict, disgusting pervert who goes to the Caribbean to have underage sex using other people’s boner medicine) has millions of loyal listeners  (gullible morons who will believe anything they are told) and is a powerful voice (propaganda minister) among grassroots Republicans (the rubes).

Okay, I give you the lead at this point; excellent translation and analysis. If only they could do it on MSNBC.

There are so may euphemisms for the angry bigoted morons. I heard a new one in a news analysis last night - "the uninformed of the South" in the context of buying into Gingrich's gasoline price scheme. 

Sometimes a picture's worth a thousand politically incorrect words...


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