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I can't even read it, for the sake of my own blood pressure.

I wonder why we have such a large budget deficit?


The issue of raising taxes is already on the table again and this will no doubt fall on the middle class while ignoring all of these mega corporations getting multi-million dollar refunds.


No doubt the Churchpublicans will push for a "trickle-down" tax type setup. The theory behind trickle-down economics is that corporations will pay less taxes and keep more capital which can be reinvested. This reinvestment is supposed to spur higher production which creates more jobs and higher wages. As we've seen from the unemployment figures over the last few years, there has been no correlation between these companies keeping more of their capital and an increase in available jobs. This proves that Reagan's trickle-down economics only works to trickle more money into the CEO's and shareholders pockets and not down to the working class. Politicians suck!

I posted this on Facebook and one of my friends said the reason these corporations don't pay taxes is because we need to lower the tax rate and close the loopholes.

"Politicians suck!"


Now you're getting it.  Social engineers suck, people who want to control what you do suck. 

If this irritates anyone, I can suggest a solution. Let's have a referendum in which we vote to have ALL taxes paid by corporations. Individual citizens would pay no taxes at all!

Admittedly, some skeptics might claim that the taxes then paid by corporations would be collected from their customers, the same citizens who were no longer paying taxes directly. Some might even claim that this would simply be a more opaque form of a Value Added tax. They might even say that all taxes are paid by consumers, and corporate taxes are simply a government means of hiding those expenses from their voters. As we all know, skeptics are a sad, bitter and suspicious group.

Those of us who know of legal tax deductions for ourselves that we choose not to use for our own taxes may have some valid grounds to be indignant about others choosing to take legal deductions.
But certainly, those rich people and corporations that hire lawyers to find legal deductions can not be excused for studying the law carefully!

Perhaps we should be annoyed at the legislature that passed bad tax laws, instead of those who follow those laws carefully? Nah! It's better to complain about those others who avoid paying more tax than they are required to.
@Gary Spot on!

Daniel, I agree with you in sentiment, but Gary does have a point.  The corporations in question aren't breaking any laws~ its the fuckups in the gov't [need I say who?] that pass these laws~ corporations simply act in their own best interest, as they always have, and always will.  I do agree with you in respect to the concept of "value added tax."


I guess we should just not tax corporations at all! that way everything will be cheaper!


yeah, thats a great idea...


[edited for grammar]

Wow - I got a flamer, I must have done good!

I heard on NPR today that about 45% of households will not pay federal income tax this year.  Here is a reference stating similar on the internet.


Alright 45% of the US - Im sick of paying the way for you...... while I work my ass off.   what are you going to do for me now?

So, you want people who can't afford to pay taxes to pay taxes?  I do agree about the tax credits, though.
No, I don't want those who cant afford to pay taxes to be taxed. According to the article that's about half of those who are not paying taxes, I want the other half to pay. I don't mind paying taxes.

It would seem that if about half are too poor to pay taxes, the other half might be those that are wealthy enough to "loop-hole" their way out of paying taxes.  I know, personally, that I don't have the time or money to find a way out of paying.




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