Pastor’s daughter accidentally shot in head at Florida church

When something bad happens to a xtain,it "just happens"..When something bad
happens to anyone else,it's "God's punishment for the gay,abortions and any other tom foolery that they don't approve of."

“There’s a little concerned that, you know, it happened, but it was accidental,” church member Tony Diehl said. “I mean, nobody was intended — nobody came to shoot anybody. It just happened.”

*rolls eyes*\

Airline security is *not* about protecting the passengers, but rather protecting
strategic structures and the power-elite that reside in them from hijacked

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Why would a church need an armed security guard? let alone a stupid one?

All firearms are always loaded, unloaded or not. It may have been an accident that he was stupid, but only that was an accident. Negligence is my opinion. Good thing the well-schooled EMTs and doctors were able to get her stabilized, maybe even save her.

Guess 'god' was doing other things and not looking out for one of his flock when the accidental shooting happened.  Oops!  His bad.


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