Our Pediatric Endocrinologists last words to my son who is now an adult and must go to an adult Dr. now...

Ever since our son was diagnosed at the age of 10 with type 1 diabetes (an auto-immune disease, nothing like type 2), we have gone to a wonderful Pediatric Endocrinologist.  His nurse even had had type 1 since she was a child, so she knew what she was talking about!  We have always felt so secure and taken-care of with them.  For 8 years.  Now that my son just turned 18, he has to switch to an adults Endocrinologist. 

So, after our last visit today, we hugged and thanked him and told him he'd been awesome and we would miss him.  Then he said to my son "This has nothing to do with medicine, but keep close to the lord.  I want to see you in heaven."  We just smiled and left.  I wasn't going to start a discussion, he had patients waiting, and we're not going to see him again anyway.  But, REALLY?  Alrighty then...

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Raynebird, that is beautiful, as are you. Thank you. I will save this to share with all my loved ones and I will keep you in my thoughts as I pass it along.

I avoid all mention of religion with my oncologist, who has kept me healthy for over a decade after being diagnosed with chronic leukemia ("the good kind").  I must assume because of his ethnic origin (he's Lebanese-American) he is either Muslim or Christian, and the cancer center where he works is part of a Catholic hospital chain.  (There are religious sentiments aplenty in the chemo ward.)  The great irony to my mind is this: your endocrinologist, not God, has kept your son alive all these years, and physicians are, by definition, men of science.  That he does not see any mutual exclusion in Darwinian evolution and Genesis is problematic enough, but scientists are trained to seek evidence for hypotheses and, finding none, to conclude that it was wrong.  Not every doctor can be House, of course, but one would expect a high percentage of atheists (and, at least, agnostics) in the profession. 

I am hardly surprised, however, since one would expect such a high number among attorneys, too, but I assure you the ratio is probably about the same. As the grumpy professor in The Paper Chase (played so nimbly by John Houseman in both the TV show and the movie) tells his students, "You come in here with heads full of mush, and with any luck you'll leave thinking like a lawyer."  Many leave thinking like a lawyer but with a blind spot for religious belief.  When we appeal cases on the basis of an adverse ruling based on propositions for which there is "not a scintilla of evidence" (not so much as a speck), we often get new trials.  Many in the legal profession cannot see that there is not a scintilla of evidence for God, and unfortunately your child's doctor has his parallel to about the same degree in the practice of law.  That you said nothing to contradict him reminds me of George Harrison's discovery of the philosophy of Sir Frank Crisp, whose stately mansion he'd bought, slogan-bearing bas reliefs and all: "Scan not a friend with microscopic glass./You know his faults, now let his foibles pass."  Nice sentiment I think, and one I try to remember when dealing with doctors.

I loved your post James, thanks.  So glad your docs are keeping you well!  Don't you wish HOUSE could be our REAL Dr.?!! lol.

Yes, we're never going to see my sons peds.endo again, so I just thanked him for all he has done for us for the last 8 years, and left.

My Gastroenterologist in Madison, WI is VERY LIBERAL (as am I) and we have some great discussions, and then BAM! he started talking about something at church.  I was stunned for a minute.  I guess I thought that because he was a doctor, and then because he thought the way I do politically ,not that Atheists are all Liberal, I don't mean that at all, I was just feeling like we had a connection, and it sort of took the wind out of my sails, or to be more exact, it made  me respect him less which was a little upsetting.  I would've loved to have asked him why he believed there is a 'god', but he was the one who found the medicine that let's me live with a quality of life instead of debilitating nausea.  I only see him about 3 x a year, so I'm not going to stop.


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