I believe Primitive Man created (and evolved) the gods from their "Original Ignorance" to explain how anything happened. Ancient Man (with the aid of the written word) created and disseminated religions to try to bring some explanation and control over the dirt-ignorant masses. The religions that took hold through conquest and the false promise of eternal life in utopia are what we're basically still stuck with today. It amazes me how rational people today will believe some ignorant, superstitious cave-dweller from 2000+ years ago over the evidence and knowledge we've gained and verified in the last 500 years.

It is in this context I am trying to find some studies, charts, graphs, etc... that show the history of Man's relative IQ. In other words, if you take a Stone/Iron/Bronze Age Man and sit him down and take an IQ test today, how would he do? My 7 year old daughter knows the moon goes around the earth and the earth goes around the sun. She also believes in Santa and the tooth fairy. If she conjoured up a religion, would a billion people follow her?

If "rational" people would just realize they believe in basically the intelligence of the of a 7 year old (or less), maybe they would come to the conclusion it's all baloney. If anyone can point me to some data on mankind's relative intelligence over time (or knowledge base), I will greatly appreciate it.


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Hmmm perhaps I should have clarified my statement a little I was talking deep time humans 50+ thousand years ago, primitive tribes by todays standards I am not sure how culturally similar they would be to people from that long ago. After all most tribes these days have years of history and knowledge that has been recorded and passed along in some form or another.

I certainly don't think being homeless, unemployed or poor means your less or that those who aren't, are more intelligent. I am not sure I said that, though I can see how you might think I implied that.

I maybe should have stretched out the thought more, sometimes thinking about survival or other basics comes before thinking about other things. Those things could be anything, as well unless you have some knowledge foundation to build on some thoughts are not possible or unable to be presented. Without fire, cooking isn't even a concept.

As for you last statement :D I have no issues with that, I also feel that religion is a contradiction in modern times. However human have been around for a very long time, modern times is a very short time span compared to how we as human have spent the majority of our existence. Myths and superstitions have probably been with us a lot longer then scientific ideas. Its hard to give up something that culturally might have been almost hardwired into us.
Hey J, sorry was not implying you made that comparison. I was just exploring the thought process.

Personally I don't buy that religion is hardwired as such, more that people struggle with their fears and making up answers can be fun and often reassuring. Personally I think religion is closer to mental laziness. Easier to make up an answer than actually work to find out the reality. It's a complex subject though as religion is also used to manipulate the weak or immature mind. Institutionalized religion has long and knowingly gone after the young as they are most easily brainwashed.


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