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I love these Melinda! I would love to add to your collection - how do you search for them?
I'm taking these for my collection.

My personal favorite is the second one. How true.

Amen! lol :)

Two and Three I think are pretty premium.

Glad you guys liked them.  Steph, they are from different pages that I have "liked" on Facebook.  I like certain pages that other people have liked, etc. and then when you "like" that page, whatever they post comes up on your newsfeed.  They aren't people's personal pages, they have names like "Secular Mamma" and "Don't Poke the Bear."  So I don't really search, it's just a matter of accidentally finding pages I like through other pages I liked.  Does that make sense? lol.

number three! I may post that and try to piss off some extended family:) 

lol damian! :)

LOL, especially  "If UR faith is big enough facts dnt count" i.e. advertising their willful ignorance.

Right Ruth?  They are so dumb that they advertise it to the world and don't realize it!

Hey Miss Booklover, should we start a thread of such finds (wherever they come from)? I have a bunch saved to my hard drive I could upload to such a thread.

I especially like #2.

That would be great James!  I like the second one the best also.~ Melinda


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