James Gamble, of Proctor & Gamble released this feature-length documentary last week and it went viral in the same week. I cannot do enough to recommend this video to you. In the beginning you may think 'this is bunk, I'm done here," but please, please, PLEASE watch the whole thing.





Ironically, I started a thread on many of the same topics covered in this video, just before seing it. You can check it out here, although Gamble's video is broader in scope, and obviously has much better funding and research than I could manage on my own. I will say there are some specifics in my thread that suppliment the Thrive video nicely, and that it specializes in discussing some things that he could only mention breifly, so please come check it out at your leisure.

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Not saying that there are not people in the world who don't wield tremendous power. I am just saying that the idea that there is some great coordinated plan being orchestrated by a few like minded individuals that leaves the human race powerless in it's thrall is a vast over simplification of the world. What you seem to be suggesting is that there are the designers of all of our options and then there are the rest of us who are powerless in the face of what the have deigned appropriate for our consumption. That sounds a little like resignation to victimhood.

We don't craft our own professions, write our own job descriptions, design our own cars or clothes, or control the availability of products and services.  If we look at the general behavior pattern of our lives, as in viewing a time lapse of our culture, how many people share similar life structures?  There are many predetermined choices, sure, but it is still a relatively limited number that reflects the majority of people.

I don't necessarily mean to suggest that a small number of people intentionally control several aspects of our lives.  There could be any number of unrelated people working independently to unintentionally create this situation.

In the end, does it really matter if it's intentional or un-intentional? If our oppression is accidental, will that make our chains more comfortable?

I agree with The Nerd, but I only made the distinction because Steve seemed to be hung up on the thought that people were intentionally planning our lives.  So the person your reply should be directed at is him, not me.

Instead of the ant-hill, I think a better analogy would be something like gravitational fields in a galaxy - every object has a certain amount of influence, from an asteroid to planets to black holes, but some complex structures emerge from the interactions.

Ant colonies have emergent order, but the bulk of the population is pretty much equal.

We tend to think in terms of a strict top down, controller-controllee model, when there's always a lot of give and take, and emergent order.



You should have just linked to the trailer.   It's less than 4 minutes long and tells us everything we need to know.



Also the website is thrivethemovement.com

Sigh...you're all letting the alien crap keep you from taking the rest of it seriously. Alright forget the video, just look at the discussion thread I linked. I started the thread, and I provide a shit-ton of peer-reviewed empirical evidence that 'we the people' are fuckin doomed. Look at some of the research I post there. It's not to wack-a-doo websites, it's to places like sciencedaily.com, physorg.com, westernfarmpress.com, sciencenews.com, impactlabs.net, and about 2 dozen others.


It also runs the gammet of a host of other skeptical, critical-minded thinkers like yourselves. I ended up being a very solid discussion. Here's the link again, please check it out. You people who have talked with me before may not agree with all the things I say, but you ought to know by now that I do not engage in conspiratorial hypotheticals. It's taken a lot of hours of research and writing for me to put all that information into one place, so please take a few minutes to have a look.

Perhaps it would be easier for us (those not wanting to waste time on potential woo-woo), in the spirit of actually revealing the TRUTH, if you would give a spoiler.

This.  Or at the very least tell us what time to skip to in the video.

Just skip ahead until he's done talking about aliens, how hard is that? I said I think its about the first half hour. It might be a little less, it might be a little more, but all you have to do is drag that little scroll bar until you don't see crop circles. WTF! If you are too lazy to do that much then you are too lazy to do anything, and its no use for me to try to get you to watch this.

That is a great way to get people to watch.  Insult them.  How hard is it to just answer people?

Sorry, but I don't remember you saying anything about crop circles before.  We would be blindly skipping forward without knowing what to look for OR what time, after the video has already completely lost all credibility to us, and as a favor to you.  If you are too lazy to even give us a time, then why should we do anything for you?  That's my passive advice...


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