Octopus Paul; reality or World Cup superstition?

Who can tell me what the logical relation is between an octopus and the result of a football match? Are the world leaders using such international events as World Cup to spread superstition among nations? Who or
what may be behind this, and why?

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World Cup superstition coupled with an awful lot of pareidolia on people's part. It's coincidence and I wouldn't invoke international conspiracies just yet.
Apophenia actually - drawing meaningful relations between unrelated data.

As to what's behind it ? Idiot television. Find something out of the ordinary and hypnotise the man-apes. What's so amazing about that ?
My bad, I fell prey to the trap of synecdoches.
I figured the whole world knew it didn't matter and was just trying to do something fun. It never crossed my mind that people actually believe that this octopod had actual powers of precognition.
Do what I do. Always expect the worst of humanity. No surprises that way ^^
I don't know if you intended any of the tags above to appear as phrases, but if you did, this is how to do it: "octopus paul", "2010 world cup", "match results",



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