Obedient wives club: Good sex to keep hubby happy, curb social ills

A new organisation is stirring up controversy in Malaysia.


[The Obedient Wives Club] launched on Saturday, says it can cure social ills such as prostitution and divorce by teaching women to be submissive and keep their men happy in the bedroom. "Islam compels us to be obedient to our husband. Whatever he says, I must follow. It is a sin if I don't obey and make him happy," said Ummu.

Just wondering, but is female submission the only thing that makes men happy and keeps societies afloat? You hear this argument again and again all over the world, and the saddest thing is when you hear it coming from women.


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Obviously sarcasm and irony are lost on you, therefor it would perhaps be best not to jump to conclusions and then follow up by demanding an explanation. Maybe, just maybe you are missing something that other people do get.

Obviously you are unable to answer my question.

Now, you need to step back a pace and consider why....

Then how the mighty have fallen.  You took that line out of context.  Again PRG was referring to the Obedient Wives Club.  Which is obvious to anyone who actually bothers to READ the post.

Uhm...how much was there to read?

Indeed, had the post been longer and indicated that she was referring only to Muslim men, maybe it would not have been so offensive.  But she didn't, because she wasn't.

So, YOU read it again.  But read it critically.  And try reversing the genders involved.

Translation: pretend you have never heard of sarcasm or irony or context.

It was pretty obvious I'm talking about the mentality of the people who started the Obedient Wives' Club and think it is women's faults that men cheat. It's also common in Islamic societies for women to be punished for "inciting" rape.


You know what Bruce? You're a little on the hysterical/histrionic side.



You're a little on the hysterical/histrionic side.


Impressive how he pulled that off without having the necessary biological bits for it, huh?

You SAID "And of course, anything men do is their wife's fault."

That is another blanket statement about men.

If someone posted a story about prostitution and I responded with a comment like "Women are such whores.", would you grant me that I was speaking only of prostitutes?


I guess I am partly at fault for assuming you put any thought whatsoever into what you write.  I'd expected a higher level of discourse and greater consideration on an Atheists Forum, but truly most of you are not fundamentally different from religious zealots.  You are equally intolerant, equally irrational, and equally unable to consider someone else's viewpoint.

Actually, the only person who fits the description of a religious zealot is you.  They cherry pick out of context quotes and them claim it means thw opposite of what it says.
Let's look at the inverse of that statement. "Anything women do is their husband's fault." That sounds more like a blanket statement about men than the statement (which in the context was obvious tongue-in-cheek) you quoted.
Dustin, if you think the phrase "Anything women do is their husband's fault." is somehow more of a blanket statement than "Anything men do is their wife's fault.", then your blindness to double standards is beyond redemption.
The phrases are exactly the same, except for the reversal of gender.
So you're saying that both statements are equally blanket statements about men and women?

If so then how is your claim that "anything men do is their wive's fault" is a blanket statement about men relevant?

Personally, I would tend to think that blanket statements involving two groups generally say more about the group that is in the dominate role in the statement.


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