Obama, socialism and the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster

APNewsBreak: Bubble of methane triggered rig blast

ON THE GULF OF MEXICO — The deadly blowout of an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico was triggered by a bubble of methane gas that escaped from the well and shot up the drill column, expanding quickly as it burst through several seals and barriers before exploding, according to interviews with rig workers conducted during BP's internal investigation.

Methane. Bottom burps. The simplest of flammable hydrocarbons. The gas that makes life as a Chinese coal miner an extreme sport.

Of course in communist countries like Australia, where the government fascists constantly interfere and stick their noses where they don't belong, enforcing mandatory safety standards with interventionist Stalinist laws, methane related coal mining fatalities are inexplicably practically nil. Naturally, the government is rife with corrupt apparatchik bureaucrats who are all in the pockets of the safety engineering industry, robbing the citizens blind with taxation to subsidise it. It is fucking horrendous.

So all you teabaggers and Obama haters should be proud you live in a free country. Without your complete disregard for regulation, environment, safety standards and all of the other gears and cogs of SOCIALISM, the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster would not have been possible. Quite likely, with government interference, the rig would probably have been safely commissioned and pumping oil for production now...

But it isn't - because the world's biggest oil corporation has the RIGHT to ignore fart gas safety to add a few micro-percentage points to the bottom line, you can again sleep easy knowing that liberty and freedom still prevail.

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I'd go as far to say the whole 'god' label on anyone's business in the USA is now questionable since the majority of the religions' hq's lie in other foreign lands w/o law; tax; nor care about the American system of checks and balances... granted 'open' market does just that, opens up the floodgates of bs.

Basically, who's to say hardline gay haters and abortions fubar types are funneling money to Russian mob/army types to create an all white/anti gay mega church here?

And what's up with David Duke ? kkk right? I'm almost sure he met with the head of Iran once over tea (no pun, poor teabaggers; want more bush?)

Get this, at one point some dude told me the bp logo was just like some mohammetan symbol, I wanna say colored/patterned the same. So who's to say the head(s) of bp are not actually secretly islam converts?

Activists that happen to be atheist are the best thing for America, read up on the past and see.

I must be up too late, yep, nite!


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