Obama, socialism and the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster

APNewsBreak: Bubble of methane triggered rig blast

ON THE GULF OF MEXICO — The deadly blowout of an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico was triggered by a bubble of methane gas that escaped from the well and shot up the drill column, expanding quickly as it burst through several seals and barriers before exploding, according to interviews with rig workers conducted during BP's internal investigation.

Methane. Bottom burps. The simplest of flammable hydrocarbons. The gas that makes life as a Chinese coal miner an extreme sport.

Of course in communist countries like Australia, where the government fascists constantly interfere and stick their noses where they don't belong, enforcing mandatory safety standards with interventionist Stalinist laws, methane related coal mining fatalities are inexplicably practically nil. Naturally, the government is rife with corrupt apparatchik bureaucrats who are all in the pockets of the safety engineering industry, robbing the citizens blind with taxation to subsidise it. It is fucking horrendous.

So all you teabaggers and Obama haters should be proud you live in a free country. Without your complete disregard for regulation, environment, safety standards and all of the other gears and cogs of SOCIALISM, the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster would not have been possible. Quite likely, with government interference, the rig would probably have been safely commissioned and pumping oil for production now...

But it isn't - because the world's biggest oil corporation has the RIGHT to ignore fart gas safety to add a few micro-percentage points to the bottom line, you can again sleep easy knowing that liberty and freedom still prevail.

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Here in the U.S., we have been force fed our entire life that we live in the best country in the world and that our freedom is priceless. While I do agree that freedom is priceless, the word has been completely hijacked and overhauled. "Freedom" is now for corporations first, people second. We want freedom without the government to back that freedom up. What about freedom to work in a safe environment, or to have health care. That freedom starts at the top of the money ladder and whatever's left trickles down to the rest of society. I understand that the founding fathers wanted to keep the federal government small, but it is no longer the 18th century. We need to change with the times. Evolution of thought and ideas is what has brought other countries of the world ahead of us in so many ways. The time for small government has passed. Step into the 21st or hold us back in the 18th people. Without the government regulating wall street, oil companies, or health care we will be doomed to keep repeating this cycle of economic boom followed by a fall. It's been happening in cycles since the dawn of the industrial age and the only thing that can limit those economic downturns and huge safety and environmental disasters is a strong central government to regulate these companies and protect its' people.
That freedom starts at the top of the money ladder and whatever's left trickles down to the rest of society.

Basically. I see unbridled capitalism as the freedom to take other people's freedom away, as opposed to having regulations, which are restrictions on unlimited freedom so that everyone has some freedom. Yes, "freedom" is a very abused word.
You can't fault the teabaggers for lacking razor sharp wit -

Over the past decade or so, right-wingers have effectively revived the McCarthyist mindset. Wealthy individuals, corporations and foundations have spent billions to propagandize and mislead the general public, in order to benefit the wealthy classes and corporate profits. We have a thriving culture of ignorance.
more about this here
I agree.
However, I also see that this event will place pressure on oil platforms to update their safety systems to accommodate for methane explosions.

But this is the future, not the present. And when it comes to commerce and safety, it's slow in changing.

The unfortunate bit? The unfortunate bit is that in our system, it takes a disaster before safety measures are put in place. But now that it has happened, no doubt it will breed a new group of lobbyists with these new safety interests in mind.

Morally, design modifications should have been done as a precaution.
Don't I know about companies refusing preventative upgrades... damn, I've tried to put countless through with the companies I've worked for... and it's always the same response.
"It hasn't happened so far, there's no reason it should happen in the future, you're worrying about nothing."
"We don't have the budget for something like that, if there's a problem, our superiors would have done something already."

Man can it ever make the blood boil.

You'd think I'd get a last laugh and an "I told you so"... but that would have gotten me fired. lol.
What a world.
Great post and great use of irony there. I believe it is through irony, satire and humour that Freethinkers and those who oppose the prevailing mainstream political views can get our point across. I'm from Australia myself and we do occasionally have environmental problems and there are many of the same things about our politicians that many Americans loathe (especially relating to the privileging of religion, their leaders and supporters) but I would like to think that something of this magnitude wouldn't happen here. Of course, I hope this post doesn't work as a jinx. (hate to talk like this as a freethinker/skeptic but perhaps that shows how prevalent superstitions still are in this modern age)
Satire is a lesson, parody is a game. -- Vladimir Nabokov

Must be good satire - the Obama hysterics, so loud and overwhelming with their gibberish even here, haven't said a peep.

Satire should hurt. This disaster and hurricane Katrina are parables for Teabaggers and Palin groupies. That is the world they want - selfishness and inaction for the common good: because that's what really keeps taxes down. At least until it's their livelihood that's affected.
And also that theyw ere indeed secularists and were unambiguous in their belief in the separation of church and state.
True. You can tell I'm Australian. I only know the basics of US history. I was referrign more to the those who formed the Declaration Of Independence and the general constitution. I've hard that both Jefferson and Paine were committed secularists and the extent of any religious belief was deism (if not atheism)


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