So I found this article referenced on   I admit that I don't like what it has to say, and I'm in the process of fact checking it for continuity.  let me know what you think.


btw, best part is that the article that this links to in the bullshit website also references a study that says obesity has links to lower levels of cognition, therefor making the statement that since "atheists are more likely to be obese" that we are also more likely to be stupid due to improperly working brains.


This is WAR!

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Maybe we eat more because the fundies are driving us nuts!
That's te answer 4 sure.  stress eating.
Well you need to look at the source of the information. Conservapedia also promotes creationism and has a bunch of bullshit about how Darwin was a nazi atheist who invented evolution because he hated god. So their credibility only goes so far with me. Lying is not beyond Christians, they do it all the time. They distort change and present evidence in a biased way to prove their point. Most Christian "scientist" distort data in such a way that would criminal for an actual scientist to do. It's really not beyond these people to simply make up data for the "sheep" to read.
Well Diane since we don't believe in god, because were jealous of him like our nazi god hating hero Charles Darwin we eat to fill the void. I mean most of us atheist think that we're god and that's why we deny the real god so viciously. Evolution is our religion because we believe that everything came from nothing! To think something as complex as a human eye could blink into existence from nothing makes us much stupider than our theist brethren. There you have it, that explains why were fat and stupid as atheist.


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