Let's collate a counteridiocy video archive. This is an excellent start. Please try and stick to non-specific general No Nonsense video subjects and give a brief synopsis so we can find what we're looking for later.

Open-mindedness - Qualia Soup

In-thread video links (can also be viewed below) -

RDF TV - Baloney Detection Kit - Michael Shermer
QualiaSoup - The problem with anecdotes
QualiaSoup - It *could* just be coincidence
Here Be Dragons - The Movie
Some Grey Bloke - My ex-wife's a racist
QualiaSoup - Skewed views of science
TheraminTrees - Illusion of superiority, the Dunning–Kruger effect
Qualia Soup - Critical Thinking
Qualia Soup - Absolutely... not, morality and god
QualiaSoup - Flawed thinking by numbers, use and abuse of probability
Atheism and the Null Hypothesis

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TheraminTrees - Conformity

Could folks include a one line descriptor for these ? So it's easier to find later.
Excellent find Matt. Thanks.
Physicist Leonard Mlodinow vs. Deepak Chopra

Betting on Infinity, by QualiaSoup and TheraminTrees

Very nice, as always!
Pissed Catholic Mother

Richard Dawkins on Absolute Morality:

Thanks. That was fantastic. I'll share it. I love that man.
NonStampCollector: Quiz Show (Bible Contradictions)

This is really funny. David Mitchell on non-offensive religious television in the UK.


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