What this means is that the theist filling out a profile should stop and discard what they've started.  Atheist Nexus is a site exclusively for non-theists.  What that means is that theists should not join.

As is written on the homepage of Atheist Nexus: " The World's Largest Social Networking Site Exclusively For Nontheists!"

There are plenty of other sites to engage non-theists.  Atheist Nexus is not one of them.

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Luck has nothing to do with it, but statistical probability does. Either moderators nipping their membership in the bud, or members alerting moderators that they're here.
Ok, let me rephrase (although I do agree)... "maybe statistical probability has been to our advantage... so far". Nah, I'll just stick with "lucky".
Thanks. I'd say at least one theist a day tries to join, sometimes more. Sometimes they lie and don't have any indication in their profile of their intent until they get on the site and start being godbots.
Actually. I have. MANY times.

Luckily on this site we have moderators, moderators who are keen and active.

They, beyond my comprehension, manage to catch the religious trolls before the rest of us can and eliminate what could have become a nightmare of comment skirmishes.

I tip my hat to them (if I wore one). Personally, I can't find enough time beyond lolcats and work to find even half the religious trolls they do.
Xtians...go away and take your rugged cross or any other piece of religous garabge with you. This is a place for US...nontheists, atheists, or whatever label you wish.
You know... I don't believe it's ever been explicitly stated that I'm not allowed to hijack a religious sermon by walking up to the priest and talking louder.
yes, this is true, but the minute you tell anyone they "can't" do something, then they want to do just that.
well, first a theist would need to know what a theist means.
I do not believe that there should be theists on this site.I belong to another website called Soda Head where I spend time debating Christians I like Atheist Nexus because I find people with the same non-religious views I have.


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