Funding for this site, how to do it and appalling lack of it, is a recurring theme and it's one that affects anyone that likes this place and keeps visiting. Nothing is free in this world, there are costs and there are a lot of people that spend time working, gratis, to keep this site going.

For various reasons, there are many who can't actually make cash donations to the place or help out with the grunt work. That's fine, this is not a guilt trip on you. But what you can do, in your own little way, is to not support an unpleasant minority who's sole purpose in using a|n is to steal it's traffic.

You've all seen these types of posts, they are far more common than they should be allowed to be -

I really have nothing to say. I'm just giving a blurb about something that's only pointless self serving waffle.

You can read more here.

These posts are by people who have no interest in contributing to this site. It's evident by the shallowness of their posts. Their only interests are your click, to divert your traffic away from Nexus onto their own grubby little vanity pages. There are some people with legitimate external blogs that are relevant to Nexus and our interests in general, but they are drowned out by a larger number whose only interest is free advertising and stealing Nexus traffic (and Nexus advertising revenue). Usually, these siphoners have their own advertising schemes on their own sites and would be very shitty indeed if the same were done to them.

What you can do is ignore these posts. It's not much, but it's something. Of course, if you want to block these users or let them know how you feel, I can't stop you. But these people are stealing from Nexus, and by extension, they are also stealing from you.

Atheist Nexus is only as good as it's membership, that's you - we should be encouraging the sharing of quality content and ideas here - and not at some irrelevant external vanity page.

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Good advice, Felch. Thanks.
I really have nothing to say. I'm just giving a blurb about something that's only pointless self serving waffle

Talk about being pointless. It is "Dangerous".
I don't have time to click on links offsite, so tend to skip a lot of posts that link to other sites/blogs/online journals/etc...
True - if there is a citation supporting a statement (independent) I may look at it to try and determine if it is germane.

There are a few who simply point to the other channel (perhaps they are a published journalist) where the same blog appears. This might be an attempt to steal traffic to their online outlet - but that is vague. And some, Brian Dalton - for example, can be said to drive traffic both ways. It can be difficult to identify when a synergy is active.
Link building is a give and take social contract. There are those that contribute meaningfully and promote themselves as well. There is nothing wrong with that. I'm talking about parasites that take and don't give - ones that use a|n as a free advertising billboard for self-promotion and give nothing of substance in return.

There is a two prong solution to this. Pointless repeating as no one listens, but here it is anyway -

1) Create a forum group for member blogs. Free-for-all spam, everyone is happy and the frontpage is not diluted with look-at-me crap

2) If folks want frontpage space, sell them some real estate at a reasonable price. As an example, the fark model
Good solutions.
Of the last ten, maybe one qualifies as an actual blog post (IMO).

I get ruling out spam as valid. That aside, what are the qualities of an actual blog post (IYO)?
Haha - for me, and maybe it's because I'm an artist, a blog just means the comments start at the bottom and you can't edit them without copying, deleting, pasting, editing and re-submittng. ;^)
Yes, I know what signatures are in other forums. I wondered what you were referring to here, as we don't have them.
You're very sexy when you get up a head of steam, y'know, Felch.


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