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Hello, I just joined this site today but I have considered myself an atheist for almost 10 years. I am 31 years old and live near Chicago, formerly from Michigan. I was raised catholic and was forced to go to church every Sunday until I was 16 then I got a job where I had to work every Sunday morning (thank you!).

I always hated church and religion but I still believed some of the BS. To be honest, I had never heard of an atheist or agnostic and I never knew anyone that was non-religious when I was younger. Around the age of 22 I started hearing this term "atheist" and I felt that it was a good way to describe my belief (or non-belief).

Probably the biggest factor in me identification with atheism has been through music. When I started listening to bands like Bad Religion and NOFX, a lot of their songs were anti-religion and really helped to convince me that I was on the right path.

I have been openly atheist for a long time, I don't try to hide it and I'm proud to be an atheist American!

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Nice to meet you! I hope you enjoy the site.

Hi! Welcome to the crowd. We're really nice people . . .

Hey! I am originally from Michigan too, and my mother now lives in Chicago. She is a musician at O'Hare, if you've been by there in the last couple years.

Welcome Alec and since you hail from Michigan are you a upper or a troll..

Welcome, Alec. Congratulations on being an open, proud and atheist American.

Welcome, glad to have you here

Welcome, and congratulations on your pride to be who you are.  I call myself Humanist, or if pressed agnostic, but I realized a while back that, when it comes to the god of Abraham and Isaac, I'm an atheist -- I not only don't worship him; I wouldn't even like him.  Whatever you want to talk about, somebody here will chime in and agree, set you straight, or both.


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