New Study May Explain Why Perfectly Intelligent People Cling to Belief God Exists

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Well done, Pat! I might add to the ironey here by saying that if they are all on Medicare they are exempt from the ACA or anything Obamacare! It makes you wonder what they thought they were talking about in the first place??

That's great Pat!!  I tried telling my neighbor that the roads, libraries, 911, etc. are all examples of ways that are Socialist, because we all share, and she just stares at me and continues her rant.  One time she was saying "THEY" shouldn't get healthcare, and I said "Well that's not very christian," just to get her to realize what she's saying, and she said "THEY" could just go to the emergency room.  We all know who the "THEY" are that she meant.  I literally cannot stand the idiot.

Amazing some of them didn't smash a beer bottle and cut you up real bad.

That was perfect.

Socialist is not what I would label Obama. I wonder how she arrived at that idea? 

Joan, I don't think she arrived at any idea.  I think she heard him called a Socialist at her born-again, evangelical church, has no idea what a Socialist is, and just goes around parroting what her pastor said.  She is not intelligent at all.

Looking for a new car these days, I went back to our old dealership that has a racist car salesman. He pretends he is not racist, but when we bought the first car there he did everything to discredit me as being the husband of my Kenyan wife. This time around he runs down Obama, claims Obama was really born in Kenya, and came up with a bunch of other BS, claiming that Kenya wouldn't even admit him last year without a visa. I ran over that man like a lawnmower, starting it out by saying "I don't know if you remember me." By the time I was done he faintly smiles and says "it doesn't matter because I didn't like George Bush either."

His claim was that they travelled to Uganda but didn't have a visa for Kenya, and Kenya would not admit him. (Maybe they sensed his hostility.) I told him you could get the visa as you arrive in Kenya and that would work fine. What I did not tell him is that I traveled to Kenya in July of 2004 and never even had a visa!

His "Obama crap" was the usual stuff that most haters say and it's easy to dispell it. What amazes me is that all these people "hate" Obama and claim they are not racist. A young man in Wyoming once said that he wasn't racist. He just didn't think that that black boy should be in the White House!

He didn't think a "black boy" should be in the White House?!!!  WOW!  What a horrible, racist, idiot!  I'm sure he had much better credentials than President Obama! NOT! 

Anthony, I used to think that when Freud came up with the concept of "screen memory" he was talking about something like Leon Russell put into a song: "The past is just some photographs of the people that I knew." But I was taking the word, "screen" a bit too literally. Freud meant it in the sense of "screening out" a traumatic experience and replacing it with something entirely different to hide the actual event in the subconscious, not in the sense of viewing a screen (at a movie theatre, or on TV) or looking at a photograph. It probably says more about me than Freud or Russell but I can, today, look at photographs of me at, say, 6 or so, and not remember a thing about it but the photo says, "This was you. You did this then." You can't deny it because, for that purpose, photos do not lie. Is it possible that because fundamentalists would have been brought up in a fundamentalist version of a faith (not just Christianity), they believe more strongly in the dogma because it was drilled into their heads from so early an age that they believe it true all the more than they might if they had been brought up in no faith and converted later in life? I am intrigued by the theory that fundamentalism is a mental illness. Do you remember where you read this? Actually, Freud wrote a longish essay on belief as a mass delusion. And of course that is Dawkins' theory as well.


Lots of people believe what it suits them to believe, including lots of intelligent people and lots of non-religious people. 

Some of the major religions are attractive because they promise that the first shall be last and the last shall be first.  They cry out to the populace "Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to feel superior."  Christians are saved, Jews are chosen, Muslims submit, Hindus and Buddhists get multiple chances to make it to heaven, and they all know that unbelievers are going to burn.  The beauty of this system is that the believers can feel persecuted even though they enjoy a high degree of privilege in their societies, and the persecution complex reinforces their sure and certain belief that they are right about everything and that one day they will be in their rightful position at the top.  Already part of the one percent?  Compare criticism in the press to Kristallnacht.  One day you will be free.  Member in good standing of the Christian right's lower class working whites?  Don't worry; when the rich NBA stars are in hell, you will be playing a harp on a cloud.  Are you a poor Hundu with only a lunghi to wear and a rented ricksha to sleep in at the end of the day?  Don't fret; a few thousand lifetimes from now you will be a Brahmin, lording it over lower castes, purifying yourself for that last jump up the chain to Nirvana.  You don't have to be successful financially or politically or morally to make it to the top; believe the proper collection of claptrap, and you're in.

"Playing a harp on a cloud" is interesting. My step father was always upset that this harp on a cloud stuff was what others thought the christian would be doing in heaven. Other Buybull passages has the believer "singing and praiseing god forever" and then we have "the great white throne judgement" where every thought and deed of every person who ever lived will be made known. Think on this a moment. We would have to relive it!

If everyone was instantly in heaven right now and we had the great white throne judgement, this alone would take in all of time as we know it so far. There would simply be no time for singing and praiseing. You cannot fit both into the known timeframe. What would even be the purpose of "streets of gold?" No time to be on the streets because everyone is at the judgement.

Such a paradox never phases the christian, however, because "we've got all the time in the world."


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