Hi! I've been an atheist since senior year of high school. Living in the south its more difficult to come out as an atheist, but as I learn more I become proud and willing to wear it on my shirt.

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I would imagine it would be harder.  Good for you for staying true to your non-belief!  My favorite saying is "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups".  There are many people out there like you and a ton of nice ones here!  Glad you found this site!~ Melinda


Thanks! It's nice to meet other people since its so rare in my community.

Welcome to the site!  I live in the south too. 

There are many on here from the south. It seems the more you are oppressed the more you want to come out and express your opinions more. Have fun decorating your "My Page" and putting up a pic. Discussions are always interesting and a great way to meet new friends.
Welcome to the site Chazley!!
Hey! Another southerner here. Glad you found us.


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