Neil DeGrasse Tyson Criticized by Fundamentalist Halfwits for "Destroying Pluto"

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That a bunch of atavistic idiot-children get upset because someone had the unmitigated nerve to CHANGE something in their model does indeed speak volumes about them.  They want NOTHING to change, certainly not their buy-bull, and the less that changes in the world around them, the better.  After all, if something changes, they have to (shudder!) ADAPT to that change!

Oh, goodness me, how HORRIBLE!

Well Loren, if nothing changes, then I want my pre-babies body back!  Stretchmarks begone! :)

I like that word! atavistic: reverting to or suggesting the characteristics of a remote ancestor or primitive type. I'll have to use it in a sentence or two before it gets comfortable. 

Another nearly unbelievable stupidity by the fundamentalist half-wits.  They never stop showing-off their mico-minds.

That is NOT the devil.  He doesn't look a thing like Obama and he's not wearing a hoodie!


Obama as Satan, Oh sure! that photo doesn't look like Obama ... on purpose ... wink, wink. 

If that is not a hoodie, what is it? A sweat shirt hat? 

Obama has a lot of qualities I admire; he is not a devil, nor do I think he is foolish. I think he learned how to play the white-man's game and pays a heavy price for it. I don't see him as the great man that some do, nor do I see him as an evil or duplicitous one. 

Of course, I could be wrong. 

Is this a shock? Fundamentalists criticize absolutely anyone who isn't gullible enough to eat their brand of idiocy. Screw em, lets give all the religious guns and let them duke it out until there aren't enough left to pollute my air with their stupidity.

I like him and I enjoy the program. Usually my wife comes in and changes the channel. Then I have to watch the show through XBMC, but that's OK. Everything is stored on a cloud.


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