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My daughter, Grace (named with the hope that she'll be endowed with Grace instead of the clutziness of her mother!) whose born and raised a nice little atheist- is trying to win a contest for a photo scholarship-


Plenty of these other kids are using their big churches to flood the contest with votes for them- just because their preacher tells them too- of course they'll do it...


SO- I'm appealing to you all for help- She's in 7th place and needs to be at least in 3rd place in order to be considered for this $5K Scholarship-




Check out the photos & essay- she deserves to win!! :)

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You're welcome. I was sorry to see that Grace isn't a finalist, but happy to see she'll be going on an internship to Africa. Seems fishy to me that the vote count could go up so fast in 48 hours.

Any chance we'll get to see some photos then from Africa?


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