Near Death Experiences Explained, or Sometimes a White Light is Just Your Mind in Overdrive

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Considering the lack of major short term side effects, and the pleasure it can provide, pot should be provided the dying.  It's not like we have to worry about it being a supposed gateway drug.   

I want mine in a rich, smooth, chocolate cake.  With tart cherry ice cream.

Yum Daniel! :)

If weed were a gateway drug, I would be dead of a heroin overdose by now.  I think I have tried most of the substances, legal and illegal, and found none I like except weed.  I have not tried meth or crack but have no wish to from what I know of their immediate-addiction potential.  I was an alcoholic for much of my adult years and can give at least anecdotal evidence to the effect that booze is possibly 100X more debilitating than pot.  Booze makes a person argumentative and rude, rowdy and rapacious.  Weed makes one mellow and pacifistic. There is no reason why booze should be legal and weed illegal.  Ironically, it is the booze industry that keeps lobbying to keep pot illegal.  They have too much to lose. But now that an ex-Microsoft exec has teamed up with the scion of a famous Mexican family, the Pellicers, as well as ex-president Vicente Fox, to market marijuana should it become legal nationwide -- something they are pushing for as I write -- the liquor industry is going to have a run for its money.

I agree James.  And the reason they call pot a gateway drug is because dealer try and sell buyers other drugs after they have been buying pot.  If pot was legal, it wouldn't be called a gateway drug maybe.

You hit the proverbial nail on the head.  Missing the high, some weed users accept other "products" thinking they will have a similar experience.  Too bad the U.S. does not mimic the model of the Netherlands.  Their only problem was, too many tourists were coming the Holland solely to smoke dope. That we should have such problems!


I agree with you & Mindy.  I think that pot should be legal, and we'll just have to see how this works out in the states that have taken that step.  And I think that substances that are harmful should be treated as a public health problem rather than a criminal issue, much as tobacco is now.

Back home in Colorado, one of the leading local proponents of pot legalization was one of my neighbors.  She's a 105 year old ex head nurse at the local hospital (still on the board last I heard), and disabled WWII vet.  Once it became safe to do so she announced that she had been using pot since 1943 when she was injured on a ship in the Pacific.  One of the main opponents was the owner of a redneck biker bar down on the highway.


Fascinating!  In such a hostile environment as Texas, it would be difficult for me to be as open, and it makes me feel like a criminal when I make a buy (almost never) or even when someone gives me something.  I quit the hooch 19 years ago. It was ruining my liver.

Pot should be legal. Once upon a time it was legal. It scares grandma and all the church goers. How do you handle pot as a legal substance? The same way you handle alcohol as a legal substance. The same laws apply. Problem solved!


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