Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure, my friend, Rebecca Kendall Sherratt York, from Facebook, offered these suggestions. 

If any of you have comments about these items, please share what you know or have experienced.

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We eat more vegetables and less meat. Not no meat. Not even no high-fat meat. Just less.

Bear in mind I live in a place county where there are fifteen hundred people and half a million cattle. This is definitely beef country.

Part of the secret is my wife is an excellent cook, thus she can whip up meals that are interesting, delicious, and naturally low in cholesterol.

The issue of my high cholesterol was first discovered four years ago. It is simply a matter of getting educated about both cholesterol and saturated fat (the latter of which can appear in vegetables too). Palm oil and coconut oil for example are about as bad (maybe worse) than butter.

Those two items appear in lots of prepackaged foods, and advertising is not very helpful (low cholesterol does not mean low saturated fat). There is also no regulation for the phrase "low cholesterol." That is pretty much left up to the advertiser. You have to look at what's in the box, and what's on the nutrition panel.

At first that meant a lot of long shopping trips (reading everything). Now not so much, plus since we live in a simpler time and place now, there aren't sixty million different products jumping out of the supermarket shelves screaming for attention (buy me).

But it doesn't mean we eat a bland diet. Just about all herbs and spices have no cholesterol.

Thankfully herbs an spices have no cholesterol. I don't use any processed foods, cooking everything from scratch, nor do I use canned fruits or vegetables. When my budget gets a little thin, I make popcorn without salt or fat and that seems to fill up the empty places. Thanks for your information and I will use the suggestions all of you make.  Thanks. 


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