The ever excellent PZ Myers drew attention to Pastor Mike's idea of a National Registry of Known Atheists . . . oh dear oh deary me . . .

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yes and what about all the fetuses. they got to be listed at conception!
Now, now!  Let's not forget fertilized eggs that didn't implant!!!

of course, not to mention the eggs and semen, when i think of all the atheists ive killed, it brings tears to my eyes.... but loren, isn't it god that washes out half of the fertilized eggs, if so he shud make his own list.

seriously, this brings to mind the question, if god wanted a list, why cant he do it himself? and if we are here with god given free will to be tested by god, isnt it interference in gods plan to even talk of a list of atheists. hmm, im beginning to wonder if christian NUT Mike is really an atheist.

My name's Brian F. Wood, Buffalo, New York, and I'm "god-damned"™ sure here to stay.  I fear natural disasters, but never a christ-tard nor an organization of 'em.

I like the cut of your jib, Sir!

guys, please stop calling this guy Pastor mike, every time i see pastor, i think your talking to me,   allow me to suggest another title, "Christian Nut Mike"


well brian these guys scare me

okay but lower case c on the christian and nut in all caps :)



Well, Carl, I'm old, large, often drunk, and sometimes violent when threatened.  Otherwise, I'm a pretty nice guy.  Got a wicked tongue on me, though.
heh cool, im old large, never drunk any more,and im never threatened. but these dominist idiots scare me
What exactly is a National Registry of Known Atheists?
i dont know, im not gonna see the video, i dont want to feel sick to my stomach.  but since he equates us with pedophiles, i imagine he wants to criminalize atheism.


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