“I was not. I have been, I am not. I am so grateful to have participated in life!”

A beloved cousin died yesterday and we, at a Johnson/Smith/Denoo family get together had a discussion about what we want inscribed on our gravesite. I don't intend to have a gravesite, but will have a marker placed on my mother's grave. I want it to be clear that when I die, my mind, body and emotions change into a different form and return to the atoms from which I evolved. 

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Sorry to hear about your cousin, Joan.

The cops killed my grandson in Magnolia, Texas 2 or 3 years ago and I donated my plot down there so he could be buried by his grandmother. I bought that plot in 1986 and don't think I will be buried there now.

In fact, I can be cremated and just have my ashes scattered. In case any remaining relatives don't want to scatter me, and they want to keep me in an urn, let it have this inscription. "If you ever need me just add water."

Michael...that was  a very sincere  gesture  to offer  your gravesite....I don't even have  a gravesite and  may  just  have  my ashes  put in an urn  after  all my organs  are donated to help  those  in  need....

Mike, I'm so sorry about your Grandson! 

Michael, I am so very sorry to learn of your grandson's death. 

I like your inscription. "If you ever need me just add water."

Sorry to hear about your grandson Michael. 

"If you ever need me just add water."

Michael, I like it.

I might say "Don't You Dare Add Water!"

I like the idea of green burial.
A marker that says That's All Folks!

But the best one 'We are made of starstuff'.

I like "We are made of starstuff".

"Starstuff" works! 

I'm sorry for your loss Joan.

I love the saying you want on your marker.  I saw a headstone online yesterday, and it just said, "Bye!" lol.

I like "Bye!".

A somewhat related topic, if indirectly (and pardon me if this is a distraction, Joan) is the issue of Dying with Dignity, brought up the other day by Seth Andrews on The Thinking Atheist podcast.


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