Mullahs' rape of Persian culture renews pattern of violence since the 7th century

Mullahs' rape of Persian culture renews pattern of violence since the 7th century

By Sheda Vasseghi

The barbaric regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran recently amputated hands of several convicted thieves in the city of Hamedan or ancient Ecbatana, one of the capitals of the Achaemenid Persian Empire (550-330 BC) whose founder Cyrus the Great declared the world's first known Bill of Human Rights. Ms. Sakineh Mohammadie Ashtiani was forced to confess an alleged adultery after enduring 99 lashes. As countless Iranian women before her, she awaits an execution by stoning pending a global uproar against the regime's barbaric behavior.

The efforts of the clerics in Tehran to destroy Iranians as a people is not the beginning of the Iranian genocide, but the continuation of the policy of the Muslim invasion of 7th century which spread by making Iranians the subject of grand scale destruction. Sharia Laws provide any and all violent means to accomplish this goal. [...]

All round, a highly satisfying rant. I'm not enough of a scholar to cross reference all of her points, but she [*] hasn't said anything that conflicts with what I've seen and read. It certainly deflates this idiotic meme of islam being "persecuted". It's the most hypocritical sack of toxic nonsense out of all of the religions of dust.

[*] Yes she. Some of the clearest voices out of the Middle East and Africa are female. You don't find them getting bogged down with endless date rape whining or linguistic nitpicking searching for reasons to be offended.

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I'm disgusted with the Muslim apologist in the US and Europe. They are either blind or completely ignorant to the centuries old tradition of conquests in the name of the "merciful bringer of peace" Allah. They would love to bring the "peace" to a neighborhood near you.
Many liberals are leery of appearing to agree with the rabid right wing religious rattling of the crusader's sabre and fall into the apologist mind set.
Oppostion to Islam can occur without joining the Xtian loons.
Definitely agree with you. Muslims are more difficult to stomach than orthodox jewish practices, and radical right wing gun toting xians.
I have very mixed feelings about this article. A scholar who uses that word, 'genocide', so prodigally and carelessly always scores negative points in my book. And her bias often goes overboard in sentences like

Their [the Mullahs'] meddling led to a bloody war with Iraq in the 1980's resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths and mutilations and destruction of cities.

Seriously. The mullahs certainly didn't help in appeasing Saddam, but blaming them for the Iran-Iraq war is just like blaming Polish nationalists for starting World War Two.


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