After reading Jared Lardo's discussion I thought I would begin one with the opposite premise, movies and tv shows that were ruined by story lines relating to belief in god, or the supernatural. Or predestination - I do not believe in fate, destiny, grand plan, or any of that crap.

Note, if I know going in, that it's about the supernatural I don't have a problem with it like with Lost.

** Potential Spoiler alert for Battlestar Galactica and I Am Legend ** >>

An example is the recent TV show Battlestar Galactica, which I got hooked on. Then they completely ruined the entire series with finale where everything was god's plan.

The movie I am Legend with Will Smith. Basic message I got: Science caused the problem, god will save. Yes I know Will Smith's character Neville, discovered the cure but that would have been useless if god hadn't sent Anna to meet him and escape to the colony.

I recently watched the first episode of Flash Forward. I got a bad feeling about this one. Whether it's "god is punishing us" or future is set and can't be changed BS.

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Southland Tales? I really enjoyed that! I didn't really notice it was jesus though, I was too busy going "Ok, what the HELL just happened?" as they closed the causal loop in the most thoroughly bizarre way (at least, I THINK that's what happened.)
Thats another one that I don't really mind, because the subtext of the rest of the film is all about religious stuff - especially the weird sisters. *shudder* I think jesus was more a triple-decker metaphor there, rather than a bizzare kind of stigmata.
Turn Back! Here Be Spoilers.

Battlestar Galactica... I know! That ending was so anti-climactic, in sharp contrast to how good the series had been.

One teevee series I liked for a while was Stargate. It cracked me up that the big bads, who had styled themselves as supreme beings, kept being exposed as parasites with an attitude problem.

A movie that wasn't necessarily ruined, but I found to be interpreted differently by believers and non-believers was Pan's Labyrinth. I and my atheist friend felt the main character died at the end. Believers felt she had disappeared into a fairy land.
I saw an episode of House where a girl was praying to get better, and House said something similar to this > "Well, he's the one who gave it to you in the first place".
I have to admit to rather liking Touched by an Angel. At least the 'God' in that actually sent people/angels out to do some good - and there was no 'hell', just a rather dishy angel of death.
I never watched it.
Thanks for posting that, I'd never seen it before. :)
I love Steve Martin's Leap of Faith (based on James Randi's expose of Peter Popoff - but the whole thing was completely compromised at the end by putting in what appeared to be a real miracle. Still a good movie, but a pity it had to be sold out.
Was the miracle attributed in any way to Popoff?
No, Popoff's name wasn't mentioned. The screenplay was a rip-off of Randi's book on Popoff, but Randi was never paid a cent.
But was their a 'Poop-off' character?


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