I was raised Mormon. That's a religion that dictates just about every aspect of the followers' lives. Most of my social life was constructed around the church. I still have a lot of friends there and went to the activities for the college students. I assume they all noticed that I don't go to church anymore, but they never brought it up. I  was president of the SSA this spring and I'm pretty sure they had no idea. I don't want to stop hanging out with the Mormon student group because the couple in charge has helped me out a lot this semester. They're good friends regardless of the religion. I'm still scared to come out to them, even though I was completely comfortable representing the SSA to school officials and campus ministers. That might be because my church friends have known me as a faithful Mormon for years and everyone else is meeting me for the first time. It's as scary to come out to them as it was to my parents.

Has anyone else tried to be an active advocate of atheism and remain at least friendly with their religious community at the same time? It's a strange situation to be in

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Pandarius...You strike  me  as being  a very  mature  young woman....I admire  you  for fighting  an urge , I am sure  you had,   to try  to educate these  young  kids  on  how foolish Theism  really is....You however  were  employed  to educate  them  using  a curriculum chosen  by the  school  and  as their  employee you were expected  to follow it....As much as I am sure  you  would have  liked  to  transgress a bit from it.....I admire  you for  fulfilling your  obligations even  though  you must have  been  very  uncomfortable  doing so....I do hope  one day  you can be free to  teach the  way  that  inspires  you.....Good Luck.... 


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