Sometimes people say things that are so dumb that you just need to share. What is the craziest, most ignorant, awful, etc. thing you have ever heard a theist or deist or anyone else say regarding religion?

I'll share first. Today I was talking with a Christian on Experience Project. They were asking me what I believed and whatnot, as Christians tend to do when they discover I am an atheist. I told her I believed the Bible was not true, and was demonstrably false. She asked for an example, so I started with the obvious: Genesis says the Earth is older than the sun, and every other celestial body in the universe. This is obviously false. Her response, "Well I won't argue with you but I believe that whatever the Bible says is true."

I thought maybe she was mistaken about what the Bible said, so to clarify I asked, "So you actually believe that the Earth, plant life, and the atmosphere are all older than the sun and all the other stars?"

Her response, "If the Bible says so then yes." 

At that point I just said okay and stopped the conversation. There is nothing that can be said to that level of irrational thinking. 

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Luara, to quote text from an earlier post by another:

1. type the other's name into your reply,

2. copy and paste the text into your reply,

3. type a few words after it (or what you add will be italicized too),

4. select the quote, and then

5. click on the quote mark in the bar menu over your reply.

If you will do that, people will know what you quoted and what you wrote.

Your stupid religious comment is a great one. I've always felt that satanists are just extra-stupid christians.

Bertold, I met a few Satanists in San Francisco and saw them as people who are giving xians a custom-designed finger.

You're definitely right about that Tom. I love the ones who are coming back on the Hobby Lobby decision. My comment was about sincere satanists who take it seriously.

Most satanists are atheists who are trolling.  There might be a few who actually believe it as a religion, but I think they're pretty rare.

Christians saying the slavery/rape/sexist stuff in the Bible no longer apply in modern times (and people don't follow it).

Thing is, fact that it's in the Bible, the so called word of god, in the first can you even believe in a god who approves of slavery and rape and is freaking sexist???

The ancients who wrote the Bible described the world that benefited them.

Slavery made them wealthy and they treated women as sex slaves.

They wanted that world to endure so their children would also do well. They were conservatives. They were their world's 1%.

That was an awesome quote, I laughed a good laugh, sir! 

Thank you :D

MALE children

You're right, Plinius; the ancients wanted their male children to do well.

Well, yeah.  Which other ones were they expected to care about?  Adam's daughters weren't worth mentioning, after all.

To further that thought, it is 'not changeable, and holy' in their views, is it not? :D

There are no take-backs when your 'holy' tome says something you don't like! lol

Don't forget what they no longer teach in sunday school... Multiple children mutilated/killed by bears, sent 'by god' for simply mocking a prophet. What a 'loving, caring creator', eh? 


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