Just wondering....   more than 30,000 members.  At most, I am guessing 20 or 30 or so post discussions or get involved in discussion.  Not that I keep track.

That's the size of a mega-church.  Sorry for the analogy.  It's about the size of the town where I grew up.  Also not a good analogy, that town was a sorry excuse for an over-sized septic tank.    Let's just say it's a lot of people.

Anyway, I wonder what happens for the folks who sign on and don't post.  I hope this site is useful for them.  I suppose if 30,000 people were all posting and discussing it would be kind of overwhelming.  Maybe page-views generate some funding for the site?

I also wonder about people who used to be very active, then....   poof!  vanished!  There are a bunch of them.  Did they get bored?  Found Jesus?  Get busy and no longer had time?  Found peace with being atheist, the need was met, move on?

Just speculating.  I sometimes welcome new members hoping to inspire involvement, and others do a lot more of that than I do.

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Alas, I meant Washington, Missouri which means we live 40 miles apart. She has her apartment and I have my half acre and mobile home right in the middle of a town of 1600 people. Nothing much ever goes on here, but I did live in Texas once for 20 years, mostly around the Houston area.

Like you, I hate harsh winters so I hibernate all I can.

I live in Napa County, nine miles from Napa City, and many refer to the city as "Napa City".

When I first came up here from SF with a brother and his gf, I knew the city was nearby and I asked where it is.

"It's behind the trees over there," she replied.

A city? With no building more than tree height? I was astounded.

From the photo, I assume you mean Washington State, Seattle in particular. 

I live in Spokane, WA. 

Your name and story intrigued me. There is more to learn about you and I know it will be interesting. 

In any even, easy name or difficult, this is a great place to get acquainted. 

Yes I mean Washington state, I was living in Seattle but now I have moved to Kent WA, which is only 30 or so miles away and buses go back and fourth quite regularly. I am not Indian in the sense that I'm from India, however I am half native if that counts lol. Maybe it's just my bias opinion, but I hate Missouri, they don't call it misery for no reason, however I've been to Texas as well and I can't say I favor that either. And by all means, I am pleased to make your acquaintances all around.  

Outside of being born here in Misery, I stay mostly because of the lower cost of living. (I'm broke.) World traveled and ex-military, most people here do not even understand me. I don't even know another person here with a passport.

Look at the  bright side  Michael....You have seen the world already, which is more  than most people can say...You will always  have  your  memories which no one  can ever take  from you....

That is beautiful.

WB Deidre....Hope you feel  rested...:)

@Tom    Several years  ago  I vacationed in San Francisco..On  one day of my vacation, I went on  a tour to wine country and the Napa  Valley........OMG!!!!!   How beautiful it was....It was the first time  I ever saw those  Gigantic  Redwoods.....A sight to behold.....You are so fortunate  to live up that way Tom.....Especially in retirement......Enjoy!!!!!

I am indeed fortunate.

What irony; I was the right age for the government to send me from Florida to a war in Korea via California. The GI Bill helped me pay for college.

Then the paranoids on Wall Street and in government added two words to the Pledge and started overthrowing elected governments.

That's beautiful Patricia.

So beautiful.  If I lived there I don't think I would ever want to leave.


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