Just wondering....   more than 30,000 members.  At most, I am guessing 20 or 30 or so post discussions or get involved in discussion.  Not that I keep track.

That's the size of a mega-church.  Sorry for the analogy.  It's about the size of the town where I grew up.  Also not a good analogy, that town was a sorry excuse for an over-sized septic tank.    Let's just say it's a lot of people.

Anyway, I wonder what happens for the folks who sign on and don't post.  I hope this site is useful for them.  I suppose if 30,000 people were all posting and discussing it would be kind of overwhelming.  Maybe page-views generate some funding for the site?

I also wonder about people who used to be very active, then....   poof!  vanished!  There are a bunch of them.  Did they get bored?  Found Jesus?  Get busy and no longer had time?  Found peace with being atheist, the need was met, move on?

Just speculating.  I sometimes welcome new members hoping to inspire involvement, and others do a lot more of that than I do.

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I just really like a lot of the people on here.  We've been here together for so many years, and told each other about so much in our lives, that we are friends.  Friends that don't believe in bullshit, so that is refreshing!

I used to be a VERY social (sociable?) person.  I'm not now!  I'm kind of hermit-y, and I like it! 

I'm kind of hermit-y too.  :)

That goes  for you too  Michael.....:)

I'm a hermit-y kind of a guy, and like it also.  However, I would like at least one physical friend to talk with and do things with.  Several would be OK, but one would be enough for me.

Yes  Spud   that  would suit  me  as well....Everyone  needs  at least one  really good friend..

I used to have a lot of friends that live by me. A couple I'm not friends with anymore, because of religion. A few just faded away when our kids got older and weren't friends anymore, and I still have a couple. One is a really Liberal Atheist. I had dinner with her last night. I don't see her often, but its fun to talk politics and religion with her. She also swears a lot, so if I do let a word slip when Im really worked up about something, she thinks nothing of it! There is a friend in town Ibwish would just let our friendship end. We have absolutely nothing in common anymore. Our conversations are awkward.

All you need is one  good friend..so you are doing great  Mindy.........

I think that's how I ended up a theist. As a very young man my friend was Casper the Friendly Ghost. It was so neat that I was the only one who could see him. Just change the names around a little bit and you have an insight to understanding the religious idiot down the street.

I love my partner and am so grateful.... but so wish there was that friend who I feel like we swim in the same waters.... Maybe thats part of being here, as a group, Nexus is a good friend. I mean that in the best way.
Your friend sounds like me Booklover. Especially the swearing. I'm not sure why I do it or when I started. I've been working on breaking myself of it. It isn't necessary and I frown on it from men and younger people.

I'm told that Hillary Clinton swears to the extreme, so I wouldn't worry about it. This is only an issue when it becomes an embarassment.

Wow! Now I have even more respect for her!


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