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I put some of these on my Facebook page.  No responses.

I'm going to put them on my Facebook too! Hopefully I get some responses.

Melinda, great finds!

I have a minor alteration to #2.  Men don't care about flavored seasalt or cool ranch.  If men could get pregnant, morning after pills would taste like potato chips and beer.

That's true Sentient! Lol

1 and 3 are good because they carry an element of truth. The others are old rehashes.

That Republican park bench nicely captures the devolution of what, once upon a time, was the party of progress and of the abolition of slavery.

It's an appropriate reuse of the partial bench from Denver Water's campaign "Use Only What You Need"!

I found some more advertising benches that are variously creative, thought-provoking, rude, or fun.

Cool park bench Grinning Cat! I'd never seen the Republican one before. I agree with you about the 2nd one jay H.

The third image is a bit odd because The God Delusion book actually contends that a supernatural creator almost certainly does not exist and that belief in a personal God qualifies as a delusion. It was written by Richard Dawkins, who is an atheist. An atheist burning such a book dosen't make too much sense.

I think the point is about 2 meters above your head there Dustin.


Thanks MB! lol  Dustin, We all know who Richard Dawkins is, and what the book is about.  What this is about is that if someone burned his book, Atheists wouldn't issue threats to people.  You just didn't understand.

Our (relative lack of) reaction, though, makes much more sense than that of some religionists at any perceived disrespect of their holy scriptures. (Or of the inciteful -- not "insightful" -- pastor who would burn a Qur'an to make a statement.)

If men got pregnant there would be drive-through abortions clinics and beer while you waited.


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