I just don't get it. I had no formal training in logical fallacies and had to play catch up in them once I decided I was not an agnostic, I am proudly atheist. Are some people so indoctrinated in dogma they cannot see the foolishness of things they say? A woman in a city near mine posted a social media message to the effect that she does not understand why God decided to take her young daughter at this time, a child, but she is comforted by the idea the girl is "there in Heaven with you, Lord." God sent a boyfriend to the mother; now, he's under arrest, charged with physically abusing the girl, who later died in a hospital. Why would God so hate the mother He would take her child from her? Why couldn't God have seen to it that the murderer got run over by a semi prior to ever entering the mother's house. Epicurus said God can be omnipotent and God can be good, but God cannot be both good and omnipotent.

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I still love Carlin. He was my all time favorite comedian. Gervais is good too. I like the ones who are totally irreverent.

I love Carlin too, k.h..  I like Ricky Gervais also. :)

One thing I can't stand  is when people tell kids that "god" needed another angel in heaven, and that's why their mommy and/or daddy is dead.  Wouldn't you think the kid would figure out god's an asshole for needing their parent more than they do?!

I love the quote from Carlin.  I swear next time someone says they are praying, I'm just going to flat-out ask, "What does that do?".  Then I'll tell them what Carlin said.  Or ask them why they are begging their god to change it's mind.

Here's a good response for that, Mindy.

"God needed another angel in heaven. What in the world happened? Did one of them die or did god send one of them to hell?"

If that doesn't get them you might suggest that god is expanding heaven, or he might be doing some remodeling. Maybe he could send them back when he is done.

Michael -- and that is my middle name, so aren't we cursed to bear the cross of archangelic names? -- statements such as you recommend will befuddle them, and they are not fair game. One of my closest friends is devoutly Christian and when I told him some truths about religion he later confessed that I had "messed with [his] mind," implying he wished to not hear any more stories about, e.g. how Constantine slaughtered Arianist bishops, the Ark could never hold seven pairs of all the dinosaurs, and like incomprehensives. The only reason we say God destroyed Sodom is that we personally do not like Sodomites. If there was a meteorite that struck Sodom, God was the one who sent the meteorite. (And if you think the last one sounds post hoc, consider the Rev. John Hagee saying Katrina was God's punishment on New Orleans for hosting gay pride events. I wondered, why hasn't he sent a disaster to WeHo?)

Right on, James. BTW, Michael is also my middle name. I don't use my first name and never liked it. As a young child indoctrinated into theism I was so amazed that I had the name of the archangel.

Funny  but my middle name is Michael  as well....what  small world........Free Michael Thinker........:=D

when I told him some truths about religion he later confessed that I had "messed with [his] mind," implying he wished to not hear any more stories about, e.g. how Constantine slaughtered Arianist bishops, the Ark could never hold seven pairs of all the dinosaurs, and like incomprehensives.

That suggests you were actually getting somewhere with this person.  Maybe after a long time, he'll start investigating more along those same lines himself, and become de-convinced. 

Wrong wrong wrong! God IS omnipotent AND good, but he's adopted the Common Core so he's testing this lady's faith dontcha know

{{{sigh}}} and even if logic/reason took over, and she became atheist, fundies would remind her that she shouldn't be angry at God, and that He needed another angel, and she needs to accept this as part of The Plan.

The calmness of her statement is creepy. Sure, people all mourn in different, perhaps unexpected ways, but I'd be batsh!t crazy out of my f(#$ing mind with anger if I were her.

I just got done with a rather lengthy dialogue with someone who was openly entertaining the thought that an event he witnessed was the result of divine intervention. The event was his brother losing his wallet, containing credit cards, cash, a conceal carry permit, and some religious doohickey he got as a child. He found the wallet by cleverly recreating the circumstances by which it was lost.

He, and others, could not grasp the abject ignorance of the thought that there is a god who is helping comfortably well off individuals find their lost wallets, while simultaneously ignoring the prayers and desperation of innocent starving children who will most certainly die. It's no coincidence that he is also a gun zealot from the Deep South.

When I believed in psychic phenomena and the supernatural I found a lot of evidence for it. Now that I no longer believe in such things, I find that what I called "evidence" before is not there at all. Some "evidence" is merely because of a strong desire to believe.

I once knew some Evangelicals who told me that whenever the group of them disagreed on how to address an issue at their church, they would pray and god would tell them all the same answer. Of course what really was happening was that everyone would simply fall in line with what the first person said after the praying session was over, to complete the illusion of speaking with god ... because god cares more about what color to paint the narthex than helping poverty stricken children who are praying for rain that never comes.


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