I didn't know where to put this but here goes.....

My husband's mom;

A lively, active, happily married 88 year old with a few minor forgetful issues & some blood pressure problems, but mainly very healthy. She & dad travelled, regularly hosted dinner parties for family & friends, walked a lot, participated in everything they could find to do outside their home, did her own cooking/baking, visited casinos, read, still drove the car, etc., etc.

June 6th, mom went to hospital to have a simple surgery, & was supposed to be released the same day but as she's a drug sensitive person, they kept her overnight. June 7th, they administered a blood pressure med which reacted badly enough to crash her blood pressure. She flatlined twice, & was brought back twice with CPR, then put on life support & moved to ICU.

Dad & their sons, (including my husband, as we happened to be visiting there at the time because I was going to do the cooking/laundry etc., while mom recovered from the operation,) were called to a meeting with the doctor about 'pulling the plug' that same day! No way of course without giving this feisty woman a chance to fight back!

By June 10th/11th, mom was up, eating, drinking her beloved Tim Horton's coffee, & bossing everyone around in the hospital, which she has a way of doing without causing any friction. She was moved out of ICU, & we thought we'd have her home soon.

The night of June 12th, they gave her the SAME DAMN BP MED AGAIN, which flatlined her.....AGAIN! Because she wasn't in ICU, it took longer for the staff to get to her & bring her back with CPR, only this time, they brought her back with severe & completely irreversible brain damage. All because the nurse saw there was no bp med ordered & called for the attending doctor to order some.....not bothering to read all the paperwork!

We were called to another doctor conference to explain things & got the 'it was a mistake & we're sorry to have put you all through this' routine. Well......that's not enough, since this was far more than a 'mistake'! A simple reading of mom's whole chart would have shown her reaction to that drug, but the nurse chose not to do that. It was a staff change so you'd think the new staff would be more diligent about reading everything about a 'new to them' patient. 

Dad has had a few mini strokes & although he can still function reasonably well, he can't live alone, nor attend to daily living & paying bills etc., without assistance. He & the whole family are shattered over this needless destruction of a perfectly energetic woman! We are all devastated, & very very, angry.

Thanks for listening. Patricia             


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Maybe.....one of my brothers-in-law spoke to his lawyer, & as we are back home now he texted us that things will be persued, from getting a second opinion on the damage, & involving the college of physicians & surgeons. He also made appointments to see mom's gp as well as a cardiologist. Mom is still on life support, but that can't go on forever, so things are getting going quite quickly. 

The way things are right now, mom will likely not leave the hospital as the damage is so severe. She MAY be able to breathe on her own, but it's not hopeful that she can breathe enough to sustain herself. It's now in the works to get a second opinion from a neurologist before removing any life support.

My brother-in-law is actively persuing this as he's right there in the same city, so the wheels are in motion. We NEED for them to be held accountable for this, so it's not going to stop when the life support does. He now has the family doctor's support as well as some of the ICU nurses who took care of mom after the first incident, so that's quite a lot of progress since he began on Monday.

At least it's helping with making the anger work.

I'm so sorry.
Thank you.
My grandmother was a zombie on meds for the last year of her life. It was a bad mixture i think, and one day she stared right through me, and didn't know who i was; it was horrible. I know how you feel. I'm very anti medication. I haven't taken a pill of any kind in over a decade. Try your best to recall all conversations relating to the incident, write it down with time frames, etc. You never when and if you'll need that information.

Mom is not even at zombie level....she's completely out of the loop altogether. She does open her eyes, but she's 'not home', & she hasn't woken up since the second incident. Her eyes are completely blank with virtually no pupils & she sees nothing. Lack of oxygen is what caused the global brain damage because they didn't get to her soon enough with the CPR. She has nothing left.

This is a woman who went to Curves fitness nearly everyday, had no arthritis, nor osteoperosis, which is why we all feel it's such a huge mistake, & outrageous for it to happen twice to the same person in less than a week! 


As for details.....my 3 brothers-in-law are right there doing all of it because they all live there & visit the hospital everyday.

I'm so sorry.  How horrible that the very people you trusted to take care of her did the opposite.  No words to describe...
Thanks very much......we're just beside ourselves with grief, anger......you name it. At least I can unload some here.
Yep.  Here is a good place to unload.  I haven't encountered anyone on here that wasn't pretty nice.  I can't imagine the grief and anger you must feel.  I am outraged just hearing your story!
Thanks! We want some heads to roll over this one!!!! 
Mom died this afternoon so this loooooong month has finally come to a close. So damn sad!


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