This was a Dateline story ran over the last weekend that occured July, 2011 high in the Sierra Mountains somewhere around Quincy, California. The cabin owners there were from Neveda and it was over a 2 hour trip to get to their cabin, but the man, Mr. Reed, had friends camping nearby. This is a story or car chases, gunfire, and murder that I reccommend everybody watch. Here I will just go over the highlights.

   Mr. Reed and his family claim that the carload of teens showed up on 2 diferent nights, fired shots at their cabin the 2nd night, and sped away. He followed them with deadly force, claiming they also shot at him, but he eventually called police reluctantly after fatally wounding 2 and shooting others.

   The carload of teens claim they were drinking and looking around for a party up by the lake, they had no guns, but they did steal solar flares by a sign at the end of Mr. Reed's long driveway.No evidence of the teens alleged guns were ever found.

   Interviews with Mrs. Reed and the 3 children showed that they were all very scared about cars on the road, what to do, and if "daddy would protect them." Mrs. Reed claimed she had her pistol and knew how to use it. I was almost ready to ask how could they possibly be so afraid if they had friends camping on the property nearby? Also, why were the friends never shown or identified and interviewed about anything that happened here?

   In the end Mr. Reed, who had claimed fraudulently to have been an Army Ranger, was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison for the murder and the shootings. His wife knew that he was coming home "because god told her he was coming home." His children miss him and cry because he is gone to prison. Internet opinion is about 50/50 on guilt or innocence here, but maybe I noticed something that was not dealt with.

   BACK TO THE STOLEN SOLAR LIGHTS. There was a sign there saying that intruders were entering the R. O. C. which was an area of "red blooded christians who had the right to use deadly force if the intruders entered the property."

   I'm wondering if anyone on AN watched this show and caught this about the sign? It appears to me that we have too much "god and gun" into this thing, and this is about the mentality of some so called christians. This is just another version of "stand your ground" nonsense, and it might be the best reason yet that Mr. Reed's "camper friends" were never part of the story. Maybe they couldn't back up the original alleged gunfire.

   Just more christian delusion? What do you think?


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By religious link I meant whether Reed's psycho criminality is made more likely by religion.  There are plenty of peaceful christians, indeed the religion urges it. 

Here is a link to the dateline story.  I might have missed it here.

To me there is something off-kilter about Mrs. Reed.  Somehow, it's all about her, what she lost, and  what she feels.  Nothing about the young man who was killed.  She might have expressed sadness about that, but it didn't make the cut.

That christian sign didn't get much explanation.  Who put that there?

The lies about military experience must be what got Mr. Reed in the end.  People have a lot of respect for front-line military vets now.  But someone who is claiming to be one, but isnt - bad character.  Lies.  Claiming false honor. 

I wish we could create non-lethal weapons for self defense.  There is the technical capability.  It could be tranquilizer guns, or tazers, or something else.  People do get hurt, and killed, by attackers, and people do sometimes need something for their security.  But everything is a matter of weighing pros/cons, risks/benefits.  People don't need weapons of mass murder.  What army did he think was going to attack him?

I also wondered about whether the kids were coached about what to say and do.  There is a lack of...  something.  I don't know what.  I would be very surprised if anyone in their mother's position would not coach them.

I wondered about those camper friends too. 

I wish we could create non-lethal weapons for self defense.

The best self-defense I know of, is a big dog. That will intimidate people, but rarely seriously harm them. Very visible and a big dog barking as soon as intruders come onto a property will scare a lot of them away.

I've been through a lot of this because of the danger of sexual attack I'm in as a woman.  Especially because I often go around by myself and I love being outdoors by myself.  A big dog is a pretty good answer.  And it was devastating when that answer failed, when I got so allergic to dogs - so being around a dog harmed me. 

My grandfather had guns, but he also had the big dog that could chase off any 2 big dogs. They come in very handy.

Daniel, I felt that this "off-kilter" thing about Mrs. Reed might be at the bottom of the whole story really. A mother influences what her children do and what they believe. A mother is really at the heart of the entire family in most instances. The odd "christian" sign may have been encouraged by her, or at the least, the husband would erect that sign knowing he had her approval. Now let's examine the idea that the Reeds did not erect the weird christian sign and that it was there when they bought the place. They appeared to agree with it and allow the solar flares to continue lighting it up at night. The husband was openly "the protector" according to Mrs. Reed, and he chased after the intruders doing EXACTLY what the sign said would be done.

Now back to the camper friends. They are only a small mention and never in the story because they cannot backup any of the story, nor do they share the "fear" that the Reeds want you to believe they had that night.

I remember living on my grandparent's place out in the boonies in Missouri, and they had a one mile dirt road to travel to get to the property. In the rare event that somebody we did not know came down that road, I can guarantee you that nobody came out with a gun and started shooting.

There's not one person in ten thousand who can be counted on to size up a potentially dangerous situation and respond appropriately, but there are probably about seven thousand of that number who think they can.  What apparently happened is that these young men stole a couple of solar lights worth only a few dollars, then jumped in their car and fled when someone fired a shot.  I wouldn't have stolen the lights, but I would have gotten the hell away.  So Reed follows them, shooting, then fires into their car as they swing wide through that meadow to get away from him.  No evidence they had a gun and no evidence that they fired at him.  Instead of going toward help, he goes home, where there is no phone.  When the police find him, he starts lying.

Yep, sounds like a victim to me.

Craig I agree with your assessment.  Young guys in a small town in the middle of nowhere are going to be up to mischief at times. The adults in the situation should act with maturity, even if they are angry.  I think society is safer with Mr. Reed behind bars.

Something odd, IIRC.  Reed left his wife alone during the day, and when that Jeep turned up in the driveway, her first response was to get down?  (Or should I watch that thing again?)  She was going to get her gun?  My first thought would be someone was lost or checking for a cell phone signal.

If the Reeds are so afraid of Jeeps and spotlights, maybe they should stay out of the woods.

Paranoia and guns are a bad combination.

I agree fully, Craigart 14.

Law enforcement checked for evidence of the teens having a gun and possibly ditching it. There was simply no evidence of such gun, and the later trial evidence of spent cartridges found 3 feet apart is not consistent with what would happen during a car chase. The spent casings had to have come from another incident, possibly someone shooting out into the lake for some reason. Cans, bottles, etc.

The thing that got me with this story is that Internet bloggers are 50/50 as to who is guilty or innocent. To some people the found shell casings meant that the teens did have a gun. To others Reed had a right to shoot because his family was afraid and he was "standing his ground." Some thought he had a right to shoot because the teens took his property and he had a sign posted that he would use deadly force. It's amazing how many nutjobs we have in this world both in shooters and opinionated people.

I still say that Reeds camper friends were never interviewed nor shown on camera for a reason. That reason is the simple fact that the campers were not in fear of the intruders and therefore could not back up the Reed family story.

Nobody would have planted those casings, would they?

That entered my mind as well, or if they'd been there for awhile, not to mention wondering if the ''camping friends'' didn't exist at all.


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