May 20: profile avatar 'Mohammed depiction' Day

Hey Everybody,

See the previous discussion.  On May 20, not only will many of us draw images of Mohammad, but we will change our profile avatars to the depiction of 'the Messenger', as in blasphemous representation.  Not only should everyone be encouraged to do so here, but also for our profile accounts on facebook, MurdochSpace, twitter, and elsewhere. 

On Saturday, May 21, all will be normal again.   

On that week, I will create a new discussion as a reminder.     

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I just wish I could draw.....even badly!!!
There will be plenty of graphic jpg.s. and gifs.s on the web to choose from. This will be a way for the less artistic among us to participate.
Thanks....will look for them!
I can do you something. Drop me a note.
Now, if only I can squeeze in the 72 virgins with Mohammad in the image. Would you name your pets Mohammad? How about a Name Your Pet Mohammad Day? :P
Now I wish I had a pot bellied pig!
time, that oh so not enough of thing...
Tip: if you can't draw, go to Google Images and search on "Mohammed" (in one or another of its spellings!). You'll find all sorts of pix of people named Mohammed as well as those infamous cartoons!
I'm gonna have him in a bear suit! X)
if we are going for blasphemous, why not a pig suit ??
yes i know the southpark/bear reference ;)
Ohhh,I Googled "Ugly Monkeys" and found a real gem,which I plan to doctor up a bit...
Opening the Gimp.


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